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Cookware you secretly use as dishware?

While I was heating up the last of the leftover meatballs for lunch today, I was wondering if anyone else uses what was made for cookware as dishware, as I do sometimes. (But, of course, you’d never do this in front of others!)

And I’m not talking about just eating right out of the pan you’ve cooked in (oh, the crimes we sometimes commit when alone in the kitchen).

Some time ago a round 2-qt. clear Pyrex lidded glass casserole came into my possession. While it’s great for a number of uses, it’s also become my go-to pasta bowl. Yup, vermicelli and meatballs, ravioli, portions of baked ziti or lasagna warmed up from another pan, whatever, if I’m eating pasta alone it goes into the Pyrex. Rather inelegant, but it works! It’s also my go-to bowl for assembling a composed salad, such as a cobb or shrimp louie.

At the same time, I’ve got this ‘I wouldn’t want anyone to see me eating from it’ thing going on.

So do you have a piece of cookware you regularly use as dishware, too? Go ahead, let it all out, confess just like you were on Oprah. Inquiring minds want to know! :)

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  1. I actually don't own any glasses or cups so if the water bottle I use all the time is somewhere else then I just drink out of a small stainless steel mixing bowl. I also carry stuff in my teeth - spoons, forks, occasionally tongs - by their ends when I move around the kitchen. I also turn my head sideways when I get confused.

    The family dog influenced me a lot, is what i'm trying to say.

    1. When I was single I tended to cook, serve and eat out of my Pyrex 2 and 4 cup measures.

      1. I have one of those clear casseroles too!!
        Perfect for pasta. Popcorn. Salad. Stuff.

        Not quite the same:
        Red and black melamine rice bowls: milk, water, soup. Anything and everything gets eaten out of the bowls, and the lids are for any sauce, and small serving of anything.

        1. I have an old-style all-clad stainless "cassoulet" pan, about 10 inches wide and 3 inches high, with loop handles, curved sides and a flat lid. I use it for stir-fries, as a small braising pan, etc. I also use it as a salad bowl and a pasta serving bowl, among other things. It's my go-to pan for almost everything.

          1. I don't use it as dishware. When I do it, it's just eating out of the pan. It's not bad manners, as long as you're standing over the sink. It would be rude if you were eating with someone else and expected them to stand over the sink, too.

            1. I frequently make a big salad for just me in a pyrex pie plate.

              1. We own some Anchor ~5 inch glass bowls with lids.

                I thing they are intended for storage, but I often eat out of them as well.

                Why dirty a second plate? Think of the water and soap I save!

                1. < if anyone else uses what was made for cookware as dishware>

                  Yes, especially,\ clayware, but sometime cast iron cookware as well.


                  < confess just like you were on Oprah>

                  I probably won't confess to Oprah about anything.

                  1. Hi, Relish:

                    I will use individual gratins and ramekins as tablewares, but that's about it.

                    Now, *serving* from cookware, that's another matter. I tend to do that a lot.


                    1. I have a small Mauviel M'basic conical sauteuse that's just right for heating up a can of soup or pork 'n' beans for a midnight snack. The saucepan and a wooden spoon are all I need.

                      It reminds me of the hilarious column by Russel Baker from many years ago. For those of you who haven't read it, here's a link:


                      PS. I should also confess that for many years I used Pyrex pie plates as dishes and laboratory beakers as drinking glasses, but I have since graduated to Corelle dishes and Duralex Picardie glasses.

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                      1. re: tanuki soup

                        Hi, tanuki soup: "... I have since graduated to Corelle dishes and Duralex Picardie glasses."

                        Yes, and gone to the head of the class with your deBuyer Prima Matera!


                        1. re: kaleokahu

                          Hi, K. I don't eat out of the Prima Matera pan, though. It's too heavy to hold in one hand for the duration of a meal.

                        2. re: tanuki soup

                          My parents have been using the same Corelle set for 38 years now, and have only broken a bowl and a plate (my dad both times. . .) you are fancy and almost indestructible!

                          1. If I indulge in ice cream, I usually spoon it up into a glass mise en place bowl. For one thing I don't have any ice cream bowls, but for another, the small size encourages smaller servings.

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                            1. re: sueatmo

                              If that's what you do, then you're not indulging in ice cream.

                              A necessary condition of indulging in ice cream means eating it straight from the carton. In your pajamas. That have elastic waistbands. Ok ok, maybe not the last two, but certainly spooning and eating from the carton.

                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                LOL I ration my intake of reduced fat ice cream, which is for me an indulgence.

                                1. re: sueatmo

                                  Um, Sue? "reduced fat" and "ice cream" are oxymoronic.

                                2. re: ipsedixit

                                  Ipse, you poseur! Pajamas "that have elastic waistbands" are known as 'buffet pants'

                                3. hahaha Pyrex pie plates ,make a great dinner plate with the high walls and all - love to eat off of them - also my pyrex mixing bows are way better for big bowl of soup or large salad than any real bowls I have

                                  1. I use tapas pans for mise em place and snacks. These look like small paella pans, 5-7" in diameter (black enamel).

                                    They probably are intended more for serving than cooking, but they are sturdy enough for cooking. Since I hang them from the pot rack, they are the easiest thing to grab when I need a plate or shallow bowl while cooking.

                                    1. One of my sons uses my stainless mixing bowls as a cereal bowl. I have to avert my eyes.

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                                        Would it be better if he used the dog's drinking bowl? Some of those stainless steel ones are slightly radioactive. :)

                                      2. Anything that's heated in the microwave is game for me.

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                                        1. re: monavano

                                          Me too. It wouldn't occur to me to use say, a pyrex bowl for heating something and then another bowl to eat the same food.

                                          One thing I cannot stand though is the Mason jars as drinking glasses trend.

                                        2. I was really struggling to think of something I misuse in the kitchen, and was drawing a complete blank. So I asked my kid. He looked at me like I'd asked him who I was and said "Hello? Cookies?"

                                          What he meant was that, back when he was really a kid-to-teen, mumble-something years ago, I used to use my KA mixer to make up a double batch of Toll House cookies. Then into the fridge they'd go, still in the KA bowl. Where we would proceed to snack on them for the next week. While standing in front of the open fridge door with a small serving spoon in hand.

                                          I. Am. So. Ashamed.

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                                          1. re: DuffyH

                                            I. Am.So. Impressed. That's great!

                                          2. I believe this is intended use, but I have a set (that I assembled) of vintage Chateau Buffet little handled casseroles that I bake in & eat out of. Great for baking eggs, single serving of leftovers reheated, baking a single stuffed pepper, etc.

                                            My perfect pasta bowls are Russel Wright Iroquois Casual 8" vegetable serving bowls. I have them in various colors--pink, blue, parsley green (which is a very dark hunter green). They're also very useful for salads ...

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                                            1. re: foiegras

                                              Oh my gosh Russel Wright Iroquois Casual!!!

                                              When I was moved to Korea in 2000 as a following spouse, the 2 boxes of my Russel Wright Iroquois Casual blue [gifted to me by my mother as a wedding present] were shipped via the military directly to his unit address.
                                              My soon-to-be EX held the box hostage over a paperwork issue... and I never got them back.
                                              THIS CHRISTMAS -2013-- mom and my younger daughter found 20 pieces at a thrift store -- an escargot-looking casserole, fruit bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, vegetable serving bowls, serving bowls, cups, and saucers.
                                              Still want what I had-> plates, salt and pepper shakers, and weird rice bowl/ candle holder things.
                                              But I'm so happy to have RW Iroquois blue pieces back!!
                                              [and obviously by the pic from my cabinet, TeenHound collects soup bowls with recipes!]

                                              EDIT: My pieces are actually Ben Seibel.
                                              And I've started a lost-stuff thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/976698

                                              1. re: Kris in Beijing

                                                Oh ugh, pettiness ... :(

                                                I've gotten my pieces from a local antique mall, as well as Replacements (some as gifts), where the prices are pretty reasonable for Iroquois these days. The different colors vary wildly in value, but blue isn't too bad ... and really lovely. I especially like the bowls with the slight foot, which I believe is the redesign.

                                            2. Rösle,

                                              We keep the pots and pans clean and polished for that purpose.

                                              The mixing bowls are used commonly here for salad bowls, and window planters for herbes. The largest of the group can be used for Champagne, Sekt, beer, or other cold wines.

                                              1. I cannot think of any cookware that I use as tableware (oven-to-table pieces like French-white Corningware don't count since they are intended for both). However, I did note when I bought a new Oxo salad spinner a few years ago, that the text on the box suggested that the outer bowl could also be used as a salad bowl. I've never done so but would if I were bringing a large salad to a block party or other casual potluck.