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May 17, 2014 11:17 AM

Hawai'ian Source for Black 'Awa?

Just asking... Bonus points if it's from a Kaua'i northshore ahupua'a.


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  1. promises.
    Let me ask around.
    My Awa source used to work for the state Ag Dept, but has retired and moved to da mainland. (The wife...)
    But...he still comes back and forth.

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    1. re: wabi

      Shoots, Wabi, that'd be great! I smuggled some cuttings from Oma'o past the Ag inspectors once, but they wouldn't grow.

      Black 'awa on your side Kaua'i is legendary. Was a moku o Kaua'i who was so impressed with the 'awa he was served, he gave an entire ahupua'a (near Kilauea, I think) to his host.

      While you're at it, could you find me a comely 19-y.o. maiden chewer to go wit? I like the old ways...


      1. re: kaleokahu

        I put out the word about the 'awa. Give it a few days to travel around the north shore to see if there is any to be had.

        I don't see as much 'awa recently, but I am sure there is some around.

        My friend I mentioned was very much into 'awa and its production. Working for the Ag department, he had 'awa from all over. My wife and I would have him over for dinner, and inevitably he would bring a 1 gallon zip lock bag of 'awa. At one time I had bags and bags of it in my freezer. As I would make dinner, our friend would mix up a sizable batch of 'awa that we consumed while cooking.

        1. re: wabi

          Mahalo nui, Wabi. in case this thread has pilikia...

          You have a tanoa to serve it from?


          1. re: kaleokahu

            Ok the word is out among my N Shore contacts.
            Gotta give it some time for the coconut wireless to travel.
            No tanoa....we're very local style...use juice glass!

            1. re: wabi

              E, wabi, I owe you beeg regardless if gets. I'll see if I can get you some pale pa'akai (red salt, Mods) from the West Side.


    2. does awa/kava have a strong effect for you two?

      i have drank it before and aside from some numbing in the mouth, did not feel much.

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      1. re: indelibledotink

        E, indelible, Aloha Kaua:

        Strong effect? Not for me. But it's both profound and subtle if you can square those two concepts. I don't consider it a depressant, and the only things it stimulates in me is good conversation and vivid dreams. For me the ritual is a big part of it, the connection with the 'aina and the poe kahiko.

        If you take it as drink, the bitterness is kind of a drag; if it bothers you, it's a real disincentive to take enough. I suggest nibbling on a macaroon as you go. Nice warm swim with kou aumakua helps, as does an afternoon in the pili grass with your Ipo.