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May 17, 2014 11:03 AM

Corner Tavern/Grill/Bistro?

This roadhouse place in Burlington, WA (to locals, the placename is West Allen) has been famous for decades as the seediest, friendliest, down-homiest source of the finest broasted chicken in the Wha/Ska/Sno county region (sorry, Alger Tavern). Its denizen patrons include duck hunters, a famous rodeo clown, a certain tranny, loggers and the Hell's Rotarian Harley crowd.

It started life as a rural gas station, then morphed into a tavern that catered to people (men, mostly) who were on their way to or from the Skagit County garbage dump and wanted to stop for a covert beer or 8. In fact, until recently, the place liked to proclaim itself the "West Allen Dump Stop" on t-shirts. It's been famous for its Thursday night rockabilly act, Knut Bell and the Blue Collars. One of its saving graces has always been it's in the middle of nowhere--Edison is to West Allen as Bellingham is to Edison.

But it's been the broasted chicken, chowder cookoffs, and peanut night that've kept it going. I know I have, over the last 35 years, probably eaten half a semi truckload of chickens from The Corner's broaster.

Well, now it's closed and undergoing a substantial remodel--a real foundation, real kitchen, central air conditioning, ADA ramps, etc., etc.

Anyone know the skinny on this change? Will The Corner remain true to its roots, or has the area lost one of its few remaining road houses? I fear this may prove to be a case of spoilation-by-improvement.


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  1. The Corner was bought by Nicole Holbert and her sister who own Adrift in Anacortes. They ran it as is for many months prior to remodel. I would guess that they are aware and respectful of the history and vibe of the place. I think they will try to preserve what they valued and improve the food quality. Just guessing, but Adrift is very good at what they do, hearty, seasonal, local, not fussy.



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    1. re: Fidalgo Burk

      Hi, Burk:

      Thanks. They tried improving the chicken and it was a flop, IMO.

      Do you know when The Corner might reopen? Will patrons still be allowed to toss peanut shells on the floor?

      If what happens here is comparable to what happened at the Edison Tavern, I'll shed a tear...


      PS: I'll try Adrift, thanks for the rec!