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May 17, 2014 10:45 AM

Tom Sietsema on foolishness

Some people just seem easy to push around. Can't say I would put up with this kind of treatment, and never have.

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  1. Like almost all restaurants that start off with that policy (Jaleo, for example), I suppose it's only a matter of time, so this just affects poseurs who feel compelled to go to a restaurant while the foodie buzz is at its highest. For those folks, I have little sympathy. Toki Undergound, mentioned in the end of the article, accepts reservations now:

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    1. re: Steve

      I agree. I wait for the policy to change. I see no reason to wait hours. Thanks for the Toki update

      1. re: knitone

        having said that, I went to Rose's Luxury midweeek about 9 minutes before opening and was seated immediately. So I may be a poseur, but a strategic one.

        1. re: knitone

          It's so crowded nobody goes there anymore...Yogi Berra

      2. Waiting in line is being pushed around? I guess you don't take your kids to amusement parks. And either you don't fly or you have a private plane.....

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          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            Frankly, General Aviation is the only way to go.

          2. "The masses include senior citizens who might not be able to stand for long or don’t go out after dark, parents who may be reluctant to shell out $20 an hour for child care for a meal that may or may not happen, and suburbanites reluctant to drive in for the chance to be turned away. (“Maybe that’s the point?” an acquaintance snarked.) I smell ageism."

            Well, in that same sentence, he also says parents with children are affected. Most parents are heterosexual, so these restaurants are anti-heterosexual too. And they don't want suburbanites. Most Chinese people live in the suburbs, so they're anti-Chinese too. Damn these no reservation restaurants. [I'm just kidding]

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            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              When I went to Rose's Luxury, I was surpised to see families were there with young kids. The 'hood has changed quite a bit, and the scene could have been straight outta suburbia.

              1. re: Steve

                I started working off 8th Street in 1989 when the area was a hot mess. Came back in 2002 when they rebranded it "Barracks Row" and today the place is totally kid friendly. If you don't believe me, try and get a table at Matchbox or Ted's Bulletin on the weekend.

                Surprised the developers haven't tried rebranding the stretch south of the Freeway South Barracks Row or "SoBaRo." The millennials would be all over that like lime foam on an artisanal locavore craft cocktail.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  Yesterday I walked 14th St, NW above Thomas Circle to S St and also 8th St, SE. They are very different places. Much more diversity on 8th, SE include diversity in age.

                  Also, I took a look at the block south of the freeway. Real estate there is papered over. Levis' Port Cafe long gone. Though there is a big parking area under the freeway, and the crowds of people parking there could easily turn down that way if there was something to lure them. I saw lots of Nationals jersays, and it looked like a game just let out.

                2. re: Steve

                  So parents with young children should bring their brats? That'll drive enough business away and force the restaurants to ban kids and take reservations?

                  1. re: Worldwide Diner

                    Tons of families out on 8th St, SE. Far more than you'll see in any restaurant area of DC. That street is stroller central.

              2. My Uncle Sam made me wait in line tooo long for too many meals. I don't wait in a line to eat, I will cool my heels in the bar for a few minutes but that's about it.

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                1. re: Hue

                  Absolutely true. There is no restaurant I would wait to be seated at for more than 10 minutes. Unchowhoundish, you might say, but I find waiting abhorent and if they want my cash they'll take my reservation and seat me promptly.

                2. I don't see it as being pushed around because it's readily apparent what one would be in for long before showing up at the restaurant....the diner (or prospective diner) still has to decide to head to the place.

                  But what does happen for the restaurant is that people like my wife and myself will opt out entirely. We're going up to DC from Central VA next month for a long weekend for her birthday. I'm on supplemental oxygen which means I have a pretty hard capped time limit on how long I can be away from a place to refill that oxygen. Thus, we don't do restaurants where we can't make a reservation.

                  That said, if the restaurant can fill itself and flip their tables....more power to them. They don't appear to need our business.

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                  1. re: ccbweb

                    You're not missing that much. The food is good, like at any number of places. For those folks who can snag a counter seat overlooking the kitchen, it's a wonderful spot to have a friendly meal and see how the kitchen operates. I'm not sure I'd care for eating at one of the tables, though.

                    1. re: Steve

                      Yeah, and thanks. We're headed to Rasika and Komi....I don't feel like we're missing out at all.