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May 17, 2014 10:43 AM

Eugene Redux

OK, so Eugene Country Fair 2014 is rapidly approaching...

I posted last year about eats in Eugene and the recommendations for food there were few and not exactly glowing. In fact, some said basically that Eugene is a culinary wasteland.

So I stumbled onto Papa's Soul Food Kitchen and thought it was quite good. And I found a breakfast place very near the UoO campus that was excellent.

Y'all have any suggestions for 2014, besides Marche and McMenamin's? Bonus points for cult/hippy focci...


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  1. Last call... ECF is next weekend.

      1. re: oregoncook

        Yeah, thanks. I had already read that--and all others listed when 'Eugene' is searched.

      2. Since no one else will bother, I'll toss my two cents in. My two favorite hippy vegetarian breakfast joints are the Keystone Cafe and the Morning Glory Cafe. They're probably not going to win any awards, but I think the food is pretty solid. The Glenwood is another breakfast place that we like. Off the Waffle is pretty amazing. It's waffles, but with a twist.

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        1. re: jes7o

          Thanks! Just got back from the Fair, will try one of these tomorrow. Thanks again.

        2. Hello, Self:

          Well, yesterday you went to the Fair. Had a deFrisco's chicken sandwich and a fresh raspberry lemonade. I think you'll agree we liked them.

          The night before, you had dinner at Papa's Soul Food (fried chicken+mac-n-cheese+slaw), and a covey of Sazeracs chased you around. You thought this was good, too, if you don't remember.

          After the Fair, you went to dinner at Beppe & Giannis Trattoria. You liked the Bishop's Hat stuffed pasta for primi, and your antipasti was OK. But your Italian was really bad until the second bottle of Montepulciano was poured. Then it was non-existent.

          Your hangover breakfast this morning was at Glenwood. Had you known you would be face-down in your Benedict, you would not have chosen the Jalapeno Bacon Benedict, but hey, your opthamologist said he'd seen redder eyes.

          A+ for Glenwood
          A+ for deFrisco
          A- for Beppe & Giannos
          B for Papa's

          But you looked stunning in your tie-dye, wherever you stumbled.

          Your Alter Ego

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