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May 17, 2014 10:21 AM

Candlelight Breakfasts at Home?

OK, so Wahine had this moe'uhane (dream) last night that involved a fancy early-morning breakfast by candlelight. We're not talking early brunch here, but rather early/dark enough that you *need* candles.

I can imagine staging something like this for house guests or family who will be traveling or having a busy, long, fun day afterward. Or for some special occasion (e.g., in advance of graduation, oath of office, first day of work, etc.).

I'm aware of Hunters' Breakfasts in restaurants and hunting/fishing camps, but I'm thinking of an at-home variant.

Does anyone here do this? Or are we all wage-slaves for whom putting the dog on in the wee hours is anathema? If you were a house guest woken at 4AM for a formal breakfast, would you answer the call or brandish a pistol?


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  1. I love early mornings and by early I mean before the sun rises so I would love it though most people I know would be pulling out that pistol unless they were warned. It's sounds so nice. I need to get to Wahine.

    1. I'm very much like *your* Wahine.
      I've gotten up very early, when it's still dark, and not wanted to turn the lights on. I love to cook at that time.
      Candles in the early, early morning…there's something very wonderful about it….quiet and calm.
      I remember my grandmother up at the at that time, in the dark, grinding her coffee beans…and the smell of that coffee.

      1. Although I would be brandishing the pistol at 4:00 a.m., it is a lovely idea for those who would enjoy it. Would someone please save me a plate while I sleep in?

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          Careful. We might put shaving creme on your face and your hand in warm water...

        2. Most of the early breakfasts I've had were courtesy of Uncle's Air Force, first in Basic Training and then later when I pulled KP (this was back when KP still was done by enlisted men through grade E4). A few others have happened because I was still up and in bad need of something solid and different liquids.

          The only one Mrs. O and I have done together was when we could no longer take the heat and humidity of our under-cooled motel room in Needles, CA – 5 AM and 96º! – and we checked out, sweating in the dark, and found an open truck stop. No candles, though; it was broad daylight by then.

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          1. re: Will Owen

            <Needles, CA>

            How anyone can live in that place is beyond comprehension…

            1. re: latindancer

              I'd driven through there before, headed the other way with another woman, driving overnight from San Bernardino. The Mojave was cool and not at all humid … but that was in November! At the end of June, 27 years later, it was a very different story.

              Early breakfast: my cats had one this morning. I wondered why they were only mildly interested when I opened the can … then I went looking for the half-rack of lamb I'd saved for MY breakfast and discovered I'd neglected to put it away. So they did. I don't think candles were involved, though.

          2. please don't wake me at 4am. I hate even looking at food for at least an hour after waking. Although, a sunrise theme idea could be fun if planned and agreed on.