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May 17, 2014 08:16 AM

Paris Baguette Cafe, Milpitas - Grand Opening Weekend 5/16-18, 2014 Report w/ PICS

Checked out Paris Baguette Cafe Fri 5/16/14 for their Grand Opening weekend. Lots of people during lunch.

Didn't plan on getting so many things, but since you have to wait in line to pay and so many people you end up getting stuff you just want to try.


mocha soft cake - I read it wrong, thought it said mochi soft cake. Gave to co-worker, didn't try it.

soft cheese cake $1.75 - not a traditional cheese cake, didn't taste any cheese at all, just ok.

strawberry soft cake $1.75 - maybe I'll try it Sat or Sun.

one bite chocolate dessert $1- it was a glob of chocolate in the middle with a croissant tasting outside. I liked it.

fruit cup - M. got it.

croissant stick thing - M. got.

If you spend over $15 you get a Tote Bag, I asked for one not sure if we got charged or was it free cuz I didn't see the bill. got a Free red bean bun over $10. Free coupon book with any purchase.

Only 2 cashiers so it can be slow. They sell coffee, sandwiches, lunch combos. Didn't see caneles that I really wanted to try.

Paris Baguette Cafe
249 W. Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas
Near FedEx & Grocery Outlet

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  1. Should this go on the chains board?

    The sweets here don't appeal to me at all, but I've had the egg, caper and smoked salmon sandwich a couple of times and find it a decent choice for lunch on University Ave., in PA. If pricey. My husband and son have enjoyed the hot sandwiches, though last time, amusingly, they were out of baguettes.

    I think I spotted a new store in downtown Berkeley?

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      Yes, there's a Paris Baguette where Tully's was at Center and Shattuck, in front of the main Berkeley BART entrance. I haven't been inside, only walked by.