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May 17, 2014 06:53 AM

DC booze-less Brunch

I'm a teetotaler.
I'm a … foodie* and mom to a TeenHound (*I know that's a loaded term).
I like brunches.
I also like to read reviews before I go somewhere.
Hence the problem.

My research has been less than fruitful--- stop telling me about mimosas!!

Basically, the reviews and restaurants themselves seem to say "come drink all you want on a Saturday morn; oh, and, we have Eggs Benedict!"

I don't care if everyone else is imbibing, but I want some halfway decent Chow. Maybe even knock my socks off. And, how about AYCE?

So, DC:CH-- suggestions?

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  1. I am in your situation. Do not drink and have teens, though I am not a Mom! I do not care for AYCE though..... All of the following suggestions are for great food:

    Toossso in Sterling for the halwa puri - I am still thinking about that weeks later. Also recommend the nehari and the qeema.

    Lyon Hall in Arlington for almost anything - especially the made-to-order donuts and kraut garnie, but hard to go wrong here if you are feeling eggy.

    Pissalardiere at Mintwood Place in DC, a top ten swoon item.

    Eatonvillle Hash and flavored lemonades at Eatonville in DC.

    After 12pm, the saltenas and the humintas plus mocochincho to drink at Luzmilla's in Falls Church. Many good items here.... honestly, one order here is truly AYCE.

    1. Not AYCE, but The Pig has a good brunch menu.

      And if you like a view with brunch, then it's hard to beat Osteria Morini.

      1. There are lots of options in DC where the booze isn't the main point of the brunch.

        Some of my favorite spots are: Mintwood Place, Ardeo, Le Diplomate, Cashion's Eat Place, and Georgia Brown's (for a somewhat all you can eat experience). There are adult brunch spots without being boring or stuffy.

        1. Liberty Tavern. (AYCE)
          Acadiana (3 course prix fix, not AYCE, but plenty!).
          Georgia Brown's. (obscene amounts of food)
          Ping Pong. (*ducks*, I'm well aware it's not the best dim sum out there BUT I would think the atmosphere might appeal to a teen AND it has an AYCE option...)
          Blue Duck Tavern.
          Farmers Fishers Bakers. (AYCE)
          Green Pig Bistro.
          Kafe Leopolds.
          Cafe Bonaparte.
          Del Ray Cafe.
          Cassatt's Kiwi Cafe.
          Jackson 20.
          Muse @ The Corcoran (AYCE, altho it's vegan which suits me but not everyone...).
          Mintwood Place.

          All of these places we've done with young kids in tow, so not for a heavy-drinking brunch.

          1. Birch and Barley has a "boozy brunch" (sort of a prix fixe menu with 2 drinks included) but it's a great place for brunch regardless. I like Blue Duck Tavern and Mintwood Place too.

            If you want AYCE and price is no obstacle, I think 4 Seasons in Georgetown might be your best bet (unless you catch the Fairmont on one of its special occasions, like Mothers Day). The restaurant at the Kennedy Center does a decent AYCE too, although we usually only go if we are combining it with a show.