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May 17, 2014 02:37 AM

Following The Yankees

Hi, I'll be in Chicago for the Cubs game Wednesday afternoon and the White Sox game Thursday Night. I'm arriving Tuesday afternoon and staying at the Hyatt until Friday. I'm looking for some good casual places to eat for two. breakfast, lunch, dinner. Open to anything.
Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Which Hyatt? If you mean the Hyatt Regency Chicago at Wacker and Michigan, here are great places that are nearby (walkable) for a sit-down breakfast:

    Eggy's -
    Heaven on Seven (Wabash location) -
    LB Bistro in the Sheraton -

    For a continental breakfast of coffee and/or pastry:

    Intelligentsia Coffee (Randolph location) -
    Toni Patisserie -
    Firecakes Donuts -
    Glazed and Infused (Hubbard location) -
    Do-Rite Donuts -

    And for a casual lunch or dinner:

    Sable (small plates, contemporary American, craft cocktails) -
    GT Fish & Oyster (small plates, seafood, craft cocktails) -
    Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due (our delicious local deep-dish) -
    Quartino (small plates, Italian) -
    Piccolo Sogno Due (Italian) -
    The Purple Pig (small plates, Mediterranean-ish) -

    I recommend making reservations for dinner at any of these. They don't take reservations at the pizza places or the Purple Pig. Avoid the Purple Pig at normal lunch (11:30-1:00) and dinner (5:00-9:00) hours when waits to be seated are often 60-120 minutes.

    If you don't mean the Hyatt Regency Chicago, but you instead mean the Park Hyatt, the Hyatt McCormick, or the Hyatt O'Hare, let us know and we'll give you other recommendations that are close by.

    For a casual breakfast/brunch/lunch near Wrigley:

    Southport Grocery and Café -
    Deleece -

    For a casual dinner near the Cell:

    Han 202 (Chinese, French) -

    1. I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency Chicago