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May 17, 2014 01:31 AM

What are the most loved German foods?

I went online and looked up most loved German foods, while informative it does not tell the little regional specialties that most people who live there know about. When in Germany, I amazed how many different types of food you can get. It's a bit overwhelming. Any advice for affordable cuisine must try's please. Love fast food too.

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  1. White asparagus.
    Bratwurst (especially in Nuremburg).
    Weisswurst (Munich).
    Roast chicken.
    Various pork preparations.

    These are the foods that seem to be popular, and usually very well executed. I always enjoy venison, trout, and roast chicken when I'm visiting.

    1. The various Kuchens for Kaffeetrinken. Simple Pflaumenkuchen, Kasekuchen, and Bienenstitich. The more complex Schwartzwalder Kirsch Torte or Frankfurter Kranz. Those with fresh apples, rhubarb, and cherries.

      The cakes were so full of eggs and butter with minimal sugar, leftovers were often breakfast the next day.

      1. Goulash and Goulashsuppe. My favorites though these are wonderful in all Central Europeans countries.

        1. Anything from the Wurst stands with Brotchen and Semmel (mustard).

          Not uniquely German are the Doner Kapabs, especially in Berlin.

          I hear now there are more Doner Kapab stands than Wurst stands these days. It's been a while since I've spent time in Germany.

          1. I have only been to Germany once, in November, and ate a lot of game in Bavaria and enjoyed some wonderful local wines along the Rhine river.
            I dated a woman from Germany for some years and her best dish was rouladen with potato dumplings and gravy, and red cabbage.