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May 17, 2014 12:10 AM

dry aging deer roast

I have a 5lb deer roast that I wanna dry cure. I have the flavor but dont know the right amount of pink salt?

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  1. Go to your local butcher shop and ask them. Make sure to tell them you are 'dry' curing not wet curing.
    You can also find out a lot on Goggle about the nitrate/nitrite differences visa vi dry/wet curing.

    1. Hi, lifeHappens:

      I suggest it's not a question of how much curing salt, but how long you leave it on.

      I'll also warn you about slow cooking or BBQing venison. I once did with two beautiful venison loins what I'm afraid you're considering doing. They looked perfect coming out of the pit, but they were *grey toothpaste* inside. Deer carry their fat subcutaneously, so don't expect venison to cook like beef or pork.


      1. Dry aging and dry curing are different processes with different purposes. Using pink salt is curing.

        Your pink salt should equal 10 percent of the weight of your sugar/salt mixture