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May 16, 2014 10:16 PM

One more winery to round out a Napa Trip...

The bad news is: my visitors insist on including Castello di Amarosa on their itinerary. The good news is, I have never been and don't mind some kitsch once in awhile. So I plan to lounge about the place and admire the castle while they do their thing.

The rest of our day will include a trip to Oxbow Market, Bouchon Bakery for breakfast and snacks, and an early dinner at Bottega.

What I need is a suggestion for one more winery to add to the itinerary. Type of wine does not matter, I get up to Napa/Sonoma often and like everything they have to offer. Vicinity to Castello and quality of product matter more. Perhaps Twomey?

Suggestions for what to eat at Bottega or what to buy at Oxbow also greatly appreciated!


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  1. If you've never been there, I suggest Pride Mountain. It's a beautiful drive and the wine is excellent.

    1. My faves. .
      Silver Oak
      Joseph Phelps

      1. I would go to Frank Family, which has sparkling and red wines. It's very close to where you will be.

        1. Schramsberg, right next door. Amazing. Read the other threads on it.

          1. At Oxbow: go to The Fatted Calf, and ask for the smoked duck breast. They do not always have it, so call ahead to reserve one. Ask them to slice it for you. AMAZING!!!!