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May 16, 2014 08:50 PM

Good KC neighborhoods/suburbs for foodies?

Hi there,

My family is looking at a potential move to KC, and in an effort to narrow down which areas we look at specifically, I wanted to ask you experts-- are there neighborhoods or suburbs with a greater concentration of good food?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd say Waldo, brookside, Midtown in KCMO. Plaza area too, not sure if that's "midtown". Lots of restaurants, sort of walkable depending where you live. Mix of interesting ethnic and fine dining.

    In KS, nearish to the above, Fairway (very expensive) Westwood (parts less expensive) to be near KCMO midtown and the plaza, but not in MO schools.

    in KS, the food in the eastern/southern part of KCK is excellent if you like ethnic meals, but I'm not sure I would advise living there. It would be cheap however. Roeland park might be a compromise.

    Surprisingly Olathe is improving if your thing is Mexican/other immigrant food. i think maybe because of the intermodal in Gardner. Or people are going there because they don't want to be in KCK. However, there is no fine dining in Olathe.

    Overland Park is huge but not a great place for good restaurants or ethnic food. Speaking as a resident in the southish centralish part. Lenexa is a pleasant leafy suburb on the west side, and you'd better like to cook because it's hard to eat out there.

    1. Teague's summed it up pretty well. Johnson County for schools; close in burbs-Fairway, Roeland Park, Mission, Prairie Village put you not far from the Plaza and Westport + Brookside-all good food areas.

      1. I second all that. I'm a recent arrival in northeast Johnson County, Kansas. I'd add a clarification: My perception is that Johnson County, and to a lesser extent the two Kansas Cities, have a surprisingly wide range of ethnic grocery stores, and lots of them. I speak from some experience, since I patronize quite a few of them regularly.

        The restaurant scene? Well, it's not San Francisco or New York, but it's pretty good for a couple of small-population Midwest states. it's a hundred times better than it was 41 years ago when I fled this place.