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May 16, 2014 07:48 PM

MARINE ROOM History Question....

Hi all,
After lusting after this place for almost 30 years now, I finally got to have dinner at the Marine Room. In additional to the cuisine, I was so looking forward to seeing this giant mosaic on the floor in the front lobby that I thought I'd remembered reading about in the Union Trib years ago. When we arrived, the mosaic was nowhere to be found. Did I dream this? Did I read it about another restaurant? Was there, in fact, a mosaic that was destroyed in one of the storms over the last years?

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  1. If memory serves me correctly, they moved that over to La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club next door.

    How was your meal?
    Been dining at MR since a little girl and tho' I love Bernard, I wish he would stick to more classic dishes..

    I enjoy drinks at sunset with high tide waves hitting the glass...or brunch.
    They need to open for lunch.
    Love snorkeling out front when the nursing sharks are out..


    1. Thank you so much, Beach Chick! That gives me an excuse to check out La Jolla Beach & Tennis next door:) I really appreciate you responding because this was just one of those things that was really bugging me! The food was outstanding and I can't bring myself to ever say a bad word about Bernard, however, I certainly understand what you mean about food getting a little over-the-top fussy. Thank you again very, very much, hey maybe I will run into you one of these days while you're enjoying the sunset:)

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