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May 16, 2014 07:23 PM

Fine Dining Rec for SF Hound

Heading to Vegas from SF.. Want to try something new.

How are these?

The Barrymore

Worthy or should I try Sage or Le Cirque

I've been to e, Guy Savoy, Twist, Both Joel, Picasso..

I notice Bally's Sunday Brunch is gone. Any new best high end buffet?

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  1. Bacchanal is the most popular buffet right now, though I haven't been.

    I feel that Le Cirque is over priced for what it is and prefer the more contemporary offerings at Sage.

    1. Strongly prefer Le Cirque to Sage for food and service.

      1. Sterling brunch is gone but not dead. BLT Steak will be replacing The Bally's Steakhouse and I hear Sterling will be reborn.

        Being a SF Hound I'm not sure Michael's or the Barrymore will provide you with much excitement. I'd take Le Cirque over Sage, but not overwhelmingly so. Take look at Yusho in Monte Carlo (I have not been…yet) . There are some who extoll the virtues of the place (especially the original Chicago outpost) but there has also been some reviews of inconsistency and very expensive for the meager portions.

        1. Considering the spots you have been you'll be hard pressed to find anything on the strip that you cannot find in San Francisco, but I'd strongly consider either Yonaka or Raku off-strip.

          Le Cirque is a good French spot on the level of Gary Danko or La Folie, plus you can still get Foie Gras.

          Sage is good modern-American, but that is available throughout The Bay.

          I second the Yusho recommendation and would also consider a place like Blossom that does highly upscale Chinese, something you don't have a lot of in San Francisco's otherwise stellar Chinatown.

          As to your buffet question - I just visited Twisted Spoon this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. I hear Sterling will re-open in the coming weeks.

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          1. re: uhockey

            U, I assume you are referring to the Wicked Spoon buffet at the Cosmopolitan? Funny, I have had a hard time remembering the name in the past.

          2. I would recommend Bartolotta: more rustic version of fine dining, excels in Seafood and Italian. Can't find equivalent one in SF.

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            1. re: foggy_town

              SF's Seafood and Italian scenes are quite strong....

              1. re: foggy_town

                Bartolotta is one of a kind...for seafood. No comparison.

                1. re: LVI

                  Perhaps, but I was highly DISAPPOINTED in our meal there, as was everyone else in our party . . .

                  Off-night? Maybe, but I know my wife and I won't be giving it another chance anytime soon.