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May 16, 2014 07:10 PM

7 Bone Roast

I see these maybe once every two years at my HEB. Is there another source that's more frequent? They were common where I grew up. I need to roast something before the heat outside is incendiary. Sqwertz?

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  1. Are the Rib Roasts and Steaks at your HEB cut and packaged on site....or are they Cryovac sealed? If the meat is cut on premise, just ask the Butcher or Meat manager to give you the whole 7 Rib Roast....or special order you one.

    Or are you asking about the 7-Blade Roast from the Shoulder? This you can also ask the butcher to cut one to the thicknes of your liking. I once had a four inch 12 pounder requested and it was as good as Prime Rib.

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      Unfortunately, everything is sealed in cryo or packaged in styro and film at my HEB. I do have a good relationship with my morning meat man (he will save the best steaks for me), but I haven't asked him this question. I will do that next time I go.

      I could not tell by your (fabulous) pics if that chuck had bones in it. I'm specifically referring to a "7 Bone" roast. It is a chuck cut from the shoulder, and there's lots of bones and collagen.

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        In my parts(NJ), that's called a 7-Blade Chuck Roast, for having the bone that resembles the number 7. The one I linked to was the first 4 inches from the front of the Chuck Primal...which included the Top Blade. I would be shocked if your meat man doesn't have it, especially since you say your market has meat packed in foam trays covered with film, which indicates they cut the meat on premise.

        Many use the Blade Roast for Pot Roast...but that piece of meat in the thread was one of the top 5 beef roast I have ever made. Not one muscle was tough...only tender and quite beefy flavorful.

    2. Some HEB's carry them, but they're usually thin - maybe 3/4"., Different HEB's carry different cuts (and grades) of meat. I can't remember from which stores I've seen the bone in chuck steaks or roasts but I'll keep an eye out. I haven't been visiting as many HEB's as I usually do lately.

      Unfortunately much of the meat cutting is being consolidated down in San Antonio and it's harder to make special meat requests - especially since a 7-bone isn't part of the standard chuck roll or shoulder clods. But if it's on their orderable list, they can usually get it the next day, so it can't hurt asking your meat guys.

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        Good to know. I'll talk to the man and see if I can get a decent thickness ordered. Welcome back, we missed you. Board has been dead lately. I've had to go to Home Cooking, since I'm not going to many restaurants these days..

      2. Oh, you may want to try the Mexican markets/carnicerias. I think this is a standard cut there, but again, they're cut thin as for steaks.