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May 16, 2014 05:41 PM

il Mulino open?

Tried to find Il Mulino last year on my visit..Heard it had re-opened, Is it? And is worth making the trek to? I pack a lot of eating into a few days, don't like to waste time..What's new & exciting in the Plateau (my "hood" in montreal) And go Habs!!!

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  1. Il Mulino closed a few years ago. The place is now called Hostaria. Still in the same family, but run by the owners sons who also run Bottega a bit down the street.

    As far as the Plateau goes, I can't think of anything new and exciting that's opened in the last year. Majestique is getting a lot of hype, but I haven't been yet. Have you tried Maison Publique or Hotel Herman?

    My favourite new place is Impasto in Little Italy. I've only had one meal there, but it was truly outstanding. My last great meal was at H4C in Saint-Henri. I think it's worth looking at other neighbourhoods, as the Plateau has become a bit saturated and things are happening in other areas.