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May 16, 2014 04:34 PM

Searching for good or decent Chinese food in Bucks/Hunterdon County

We live north of Lambertville but work in Doylestown, so we're looking for some decent Chinese food we can get takout from. I have always liked Mandarin Garden in WG but its a bit far for us now. We've had Hong Kong Sunny by the Superfresh&CVS in New Hope but they seem to have gotten worse and worse over the years. I actually kinda liked the one that had been by the Giant there but they are gone now. And once we tried China Garden on 611 and it was meh. Seems like the only thing decent is PF Changs. Unless anybody else can suggest someplace else?

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  1. Sorry, there's no decent Chinese in the area. Most of it is frozen veggie, MSG slathered chicken pieces kinds of things.

    Duck Sauce in Newtown is about a half step up. They'll do a whole Peking Chicken around the Chinese New Year, offer a "Lite" menu, which has lots of gluten-free, vegan, non-MSG items, etc.

    1. Would Thai do? Thai Spice in Doylestown is a place I enjoy.

      1. I feel your pain. Live just outside New Hope and haven't found anything good -- tried Hong Kong Sunny when we first moved 7 years ago and that was the last time. Just bad. It's really puzzling. There's obviously a market for it.

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          Biggest issue is not the market, but really two fold.. 1) the rent. We lost three chinese restaurants in doylestown due to rent issues, (Golden Chopsticks, Hong Kong Jacks and Chong's Garden), and second is proximity of people to open/work the restaurant.

          Chin's in Doylestown is barely passable. It is run by the cook who used to work at Hong Kong Jacks.

          Over in jameson is an outpost of Wild Ginger, the asian fusion place from Huntingdon Valley. They are on York Road in the Giant Shopping Center. Very good if you are looking for vegetarian options. Might be worth a visit cmad.

          The other comment I would make is there are some good restaurants up by Princeton/Princeton Junction. A friend swears by Shanghai Bun. Not sure if that is too far to drive for you.

        2. This won't help but Chong's in Doylestown was very good. Closed a few years ago.

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            The wife of the owner of Chong's passed away last month after a battle with breast cancer. Very sad. They sold in 2000 and it lasted about a year under new ownership before it became a bucks county coffee.

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              That is sad. My husband tells me they were a wonderful family.

          2. People I work with like Panda Bistro by the CVS is Lambertville, but I don't like any Chinese food in the area. They are better than Hong Kong Sunny though.