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May 16, 2014 04:11 PM

Fort Collins - Don't want breakfast

It's odd for a town the size of Fort Collins to have so many of their "best" restaurant options be breakfast places. I'm going to Fort Collins on a mostly beer-focused itinerary that has us ending at Choice City for dinner, which I'm fine with. However, is there another good, independent (non-craft beer related) place in Fort Collins for lunch? TIA

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  1. Choice City is OK, definitely not my first pick of places to eat. I really enjoy Ace Gillett's as their food is consistently delicious. It is a bit pricey, and the atmosphere is definitely swanky, but the food is high quality.

    For great atmosphere as well as terrific food and prices, I would check out 415 and Mainline. Both have more casual vibes than Ace Gillet's, plus Mainline had an amazing beer made for them by Pateros Creek brewery, one of the local Fort Collins ones, which is pretty cool!

    I hope this helps- not sure when we are travelling.

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      I'm traveling with 13 and 11 year old boys so swanky is probably out :) Thank you so much for the other recs!

    2. Suehiro is good if you like Japanese. I have heard good things about Restaurant 415, but not been yet. Oh and Jay's Bistro was good when I went a while back.

      You should make your way to Loveland for more great breweries though! Loveland Aleworks on 4th street is amazing!! And when they reopen, just down the street is a place called Mo'Betta Gumbo that I swear by!!!

      1. The Laboratory is fun and serves seriously good food.

        My 11 & 13 year olds love Avogadros Number, Stuffed Burger Bar, and Beau Joes Pizza.