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May 16, 2014 03:33 PM

Trader Joe's Corn spaghetti or brown rice pasta

Are they any good? Just got them. I'm a bit scared. I've always had bad luck with gluten free pastas.

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  1. Haven't tried either but, for what it's worth, best gluten-free pasta I've ever tried is Le Veneziane which is made from corn. Hands down. Note that with these unorthodox pastas (gf, whole grain, etc.) shape does matter. With whole grain I've found that fusilli are always better than ziti.

    1. I'm not gf and really liked the corn! Just cook as package directions what you want to eat, the leftovers didn't hold up well for me- don't think it would work for a pasta salad kind of dish.

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        ok, good to know. no leftovers. will eat all.

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          The gluten free pasta does not hold up well as a leftover. I have been eating the Barilla gluten free and find it to be the best I've had and I've tried a lot

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            it was kind of gloppy...that brings me to another thread...

        2. The corn spaghetti is our go to pasta now, the other shape, I think penne, is not nearly as good. People are always amazed when they eat it that it is gluten free. It is important to not overcook it and I always rinse it really well after it is done cooking. It is also the only gluten free pasta that I can reheat without issue. I have had some in the fridge all week already mixed with spaghetti sauce and it tastes fine zapped in the microwave.

          1. I'm not GF and I really like the brown rice pasta. I boil it for a long time though-otherwise it stays way too al dente for my tastes. And it hardens in the fridge overnight, so no bueno on leftovers.

            1. The black bean spaghetti is very good and looks cool. Cook it less than the recommended time and it'll be firm, not mushy.