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First trip to Cape Cod

Traveling down from Boston to Cape Cod during the second weekend in June with my folks and boyfriend, and will be staying in East Sandwich. Any grocery store and restaurant recommendations would be much appreciated! My boyfriend and I will eat almost anything, although my parents tend to stick to the classics.

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  1. oh don't forget to walk the boardwalk in Sandwich and if shopping for fish, head to Joe's on the marina. My townie friend loves Brown Jug for wine and other stuff. Colleagues go to Beth's for tea. I used to go to Dunbar Tea Room but have not for years. Went through for a tour recently. It's cute. Have a blast!

    1. Brown Jug is great, as phelana said. If you're in East Sandwich, Barnstable Market in Barnstable Village is not far and has great meats, good produce. Also in the village is Nirvana for coffee. Cape Cod Organic Farms is opening soon for the season (I know that their first CSA pickup is May 28th). Fromage a Trois in Marstons Mills looks about ready to open--fresh pasta, burrata, and other treats.

      1. As a different voice.....take a day trip down to Falmouth and Woods Hole..the drive along the water leading up to Nobska Light is particularly wonderful. a leisurely drive along the canal and down 28 will get you there, but once in Falmouth head for the beach road.

        For eats, there are several places in WH if you can find parking. Most are down near the bridge that opens into eel(?) pond.

        Tucked away in Falmouth Center..down near where the Island Queen docks, is Paul's. A bit hard to find but a delight. Especially if you love Portuguese Linguica sausage. A pizza or a Sandwich is heaven! And the Fried clams ....and other stuff......is pretty good too.

        As a kid, many decades back, a trip to the hatchery in Sandwich was always fun.....and a nice place for a picnic. Someone would have to update that tho.

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          Great rec and Paul's is a local treasure, but be sure to go for dinner as they open at 4:00 if memory serves. If you do venture to Falmouth, be sure to hit up Maison Villett for outstanding French Pastries and bread. Or L'Osteria la Civetta for authentic Northern Italian food in a charming Main Street restaurant. Great village to walk and the ride as CCClam said along the coast is beautiful. (And the State hatchery in Sandwich is still a fun place for a brief visit or leisurely picnic)

        2. Many great recommendations, already. I must, however, raise objection with my former go-to fish market. I will never shop at Joe's again, after he has been implicated as the fence for last year's oyster bed robberies. John from East Dennis Oyster Company told me more than I wanted to know.

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            OH MY Kevin, thanks for that heads up. I walk Quivet Creek several times a week and was so angry to hear of the thefts. I see the owners/workers working so hard at the beds. Terrible but they caught the thief! I had no idea about Joe's. WOW..no more..

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              Agreed Kevin. It's a shame that someone could do that to very hard working fisherman just to make a few more dollars. The state was talking about pulling his license, and I'd support that punishment. In the meantime, I'll shop elsewhere.

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                Joe is actually appealing the state stripping him of his seafood sales permit....unbelievable.

            2. Cafe Chew is the best breakfast place and good for lunch salads and sandwiches. Marshland is good for more of a diner breakfast.

              I like Sweet Tomatoes pizza but eat-in only, as it's very thin and gets cold quickly.

              Ice Cream Sandwich and Twin Acres are both good.

              Crow Farm farmstand on 6A will probably have some good fresh fruit/veggie options in mid-June.

              The food at Osterville Fish Too on Barnstable Harbor is only OK, standard clam shack fare, but the outdoor setting near the harbor is great.

              Flynn's near the Christmas Tree Shop right over the Sagamore Bridge has tons of beers on tap and good burgers on pretzel buns.

              Woods Hole is a nice day trip but has a bunch of so-so places and one great one, Quick's Hole, for fresh Mexican Seafood.

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                I mean no offense CPortJ, and I realize those recs are pretty much what's available in immediate vicinity, but that list is like a whole lot of "meh", Really not a special meal to be had in the lot. And none are particularly "Cape Coddy" either, except maybe Osterville Too, although it overlooks a parking lot, and not the harbor. I keep going down 6A and hit Sesuit Cafe in Dennis on Sesuit Harbor for my fried food fix. Although even that's not as nice since to town made them take out over half their picnic tables last summer.

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                  None taken. My thinking is that they are not going to want to drive far for all of their meals, and it's more difficult to figure out what's not bad and nearby vs. what's not good (most of the other places in Sandwich that haven't been listed yet).

                  How about Lyric on 6A? Not too far, need a reservation. Further down, Fin has their own oyster bed; again, make a reservation.

                  Chatham is a great day trip. Sushi at the fish pier, look for the seals. The Squire is a nice Cape Coddy bar in town with good standard fare. The new Vers in the movie theatre building is excellent, high-end, expensive. Be sure to get the dessert special.

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                    Lyric closed on New Year's eve. You can buy it for $1.4 mil, if you'd like. Toby Hill has moved on to the Brewster Fish House.

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                      That's sad news. The good options in this area really are somewhat limited. There are no dinner recs that have been made that are actually in Sandwich other than a few casual places that I offered (and CapeCodGuy dismissed as meh).

                      I find the brunch at the Belfry more consistent than dinner, but it's probably the best dinner option in Sandwich.

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                        If you are willing to travel to the former Lyric, just around the corner are two of my favorites. Inaho is great for Japanese food and sushi. The Olde Yarmouth Inn has a varied menu and the bar is very comfortable.

              2. Last couple of years, after getting over the bridge, we've had breakfast at Marshland in Sandwich. Food was good but this year we are looking for something different. Thinking about Hanger B but still looking.

                Several people mentioned checking out the Sandwich Pier. What's there other than restaurants?

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                  Hangar B is great (at Chatham Airport for benefit of OP), maybe one of the best breakfasts on the Cape, although I'm not a big fan of making a big trek for my first meal of the day and possibly having a wait once I get there if it's a weekend.

                  For great stops on your way to/from the Cape, I recommend Ella's in Wareham (coming from 24/195) or Rye Tavern in Pinehills at Exit 3 on Route 3.

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                    We try to get over the bridge early to avoid traffic and that usually means we have to find stuff to do until 3pm when we can get the keys to our rental.

                    Thanks for those recs. I'll check them out.

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                      By Sandwich Pier do you mean the Marina on the Canal or the Boardwalk--or are you thinking of the Chatham fish pier?

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                        Sorry, meant boardwalk. Don't know why I said pier.

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                          The Boardwalk is a pretty sightseeing stop, a long boardwalk over the marsh, with a bridge kids jump off at high tide. It actually doesn't have any restaurants, and you have to pay for parking, as their two lots get used for beach parking.

                    2. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Pilot House is still the same chef as Aqua Grille, I thought. Aqua Grille had its ups and downs, but at the end it was way down, especially in terms of service, although I think it looks nice and the patio they added facing the canal is nice. But I liked the German food they used to have, which was good (the chef is German) and something unique for the area.

                      I suppose the new owner could help with consistency, but I think he owns the Quarterdeck in Falmouth, and my impression is that is just another pretty average Cape fried seafood place.

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                        Speaking of changes, I wonder how the new/old Horizon's will be. Great oceanfront location, hope they put together a solid team!

                        1. re: CportJ

                          Hadn't heard about any changes at Horizon's. It's been positively dreadful under the past three owners. A total waste of a great location. Any details?

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            Reverting back to the owner that ran it as Horizon's and will be family-run, apparently.


                            1. re: CportJ

                              Too bad. was truly horrible back then (but no better under the most recent incarnation either i suppose.)