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May 16, 2014 03:19 PM

1st visit to Boston over 4th weekend and need help!

Celebrating my big 6-0 in Bar Harbor, Maine and then heading to Boston for the 4th weekend-crossing both off my bucket list. I have always relied on this board for my restaurant selections from Alaska to down South and I need your help for this! It is going to be very hard to get reservations for Friday (the 4th) and Saturday night unless I make them now. Staying at Nine Zero, but don't care where we go to eat 2 great lunches and dinner! Would love a great steak place for one night and maybe seafood or Italian for the other night. Anything for breakfast and lunches but love a great sandwich/deli. I'm at your mercy...thanks!

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  1. For your steak dinner, Bogies place in DT-Xing which is walking distance from your hotel.

    Seafood. Island Creek Oyster bar in Kenmore.

    Lunch. Coppa in the South end will fill your Italian fix for lunch (only open for lunch on weekdays)

    For breakfast I am typically a coffee and pastry type of guy, so Thinking Cup is around the corner from you. If you want something more extensive you could look into Flour bakery or Mike and Pattys.

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      Thank you , Matt--Greatly appreciate your suggestions!

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        Coppa does brunch on Sunday. It's a more limited menu, so check online first. I've found it uncrowded and pleasant for a late Sunday lunch.

        1. re: Matt H

          Bogie's is a great suggestion! Very close by.

        2. be sure to make reservations if you choose bogie's place. it's 18 seats.

          i like coppa very much, but it's super-casual and doesn't feel like much of a special occasion place. i'd suggest prezza, erbaluce or scampo for an italian dinner for your big 6-0.

          1. Giulia, Legal Harborside (3rd floor), Grill 23.

            1. For steak: Bogie's Place (echoing others) or Boston Chops

              1. Definitely Bogie's for steak, and Island Creek Oyster Bar for seafood. I'd do Coppa for lunch one day, and run out to Cutty's in Brookline for a great sandwich.