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May 16, 2014 02:53 PM

Just Picked Up 3 More Cheeses To (Hopefully) Enjoy Today.

I did some shopping today & one of the main things on my mind was to try/find some new Cheeses along with maybe a few of my old faves. I always try to get a relatively small sample of several new types that spark an interest when available. On other occasions, I'll just flat out go for a larger amount (especially if a small sample is not available at the time) in hopes for the best. Getting to the main point though, I just picked up 3 new Cheeses today to test out. Those are Amber Valley Double Gloucester, Delice De Bourgogne French Triple Creme & Les Chateaux Brie 3K Imported From France. Feel free to comment on these Cheeses if you've already tried them or are perhaps thinking about trying them. I usually feel best about the French Cheeses because more often than not those French Cheeses taste better in my opinion. I always hear a lot of talk about Italian Cheeses being great like French ones, yet most if not all Italian Cheeses just don't taste as good or are simply just bad all together as far as I'm concerned. French Cheeses reign supreme! Keep the comments flowing.

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  1. Delice... gets a lot of love:

    Re Italian cheese, you are sooooo wrong. Make your way to NYC and visit DiPalo's. Their cheese are incredible and their gorgonzola dolce is my favorite cheese ever. They mail order also.

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      If That's Your Thing (or hangup as far as I'm, then that's fine by me. You like Italian Cheeses. I dislike many (but not all) Italian Cheeses. To each his own, right?

      1. re: ShowUsYourRack

        How many Italian cheeses have you tried? Were they all hard cheeses? Have you had the gorgonzola dolce from DiPalos? A freshly made mozzarella? I don't discriminate against any cheeses. A closed mind is inconsistent with being a CH.

        1. re: c oliver

          I'm not being close minded. Just because I didn't like something (or in this case a style) doesn't make me not think about trying that style even more, ya see? I'm even open to trying the same names of Cheeses as I've done many a times already. I'm in no way being close minded because I am in fact always open to trying more. Period! I also don't discriminate, I try.

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            "yet most if not all Italian Cheeses just don't taste as good or are simply just bad all together as far as I'm concerned."

            So have you tried the ones I or others mentioned?

    2. If you encounter a nicely ripened Italian taleggio you will want to take some of your words back.

      1. I'm not real familiar with French cheeses or cuisine. Shame on me. I really like picante provone. I recently discovered extra sharp provolone and that really blew me away. The regular picante I grade and mix with my pecorino romano when making carbonara. The extra sharp is a good appetizer after eatin a Mezzeta chile pepper.

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          I've had a few good sharp Crucolos. I'm not much into Asiago though, which I've tried several times.

        2. I think that the DDB Triple Creme as well as the Brie should be especially quite nice. I'm definitely looking forward to all of them, especially those 2.