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Any Good Coffee in Downtown Oakland?

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Are there are any places to get third wave coffee in downtown Oakland?

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  1. Blue Bottle, Duende, Hopscotch

      1. Modern Coffee on thirteenth, weekdays til 5 pm

        1. Cafe Gabriela serves blue bottle. Broadway and 11th.

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            Thanks for this recommendation -- Cafe Gabriela is a good fine. The folks are very nice and they make a good pork adobo sandwich at lunch too.

          2. You would walk over to the mother ship of blue bottle. It's a bizarre scene, with lots of thin urban hipsters lining up for a tiny risotto shot - reminds me of junkies and ghouls more than humanity. Coffee's great though, I'd be addicted happily.

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              ristretto? i believe you are another victim of spellcheck! (though... i kinda like the idea of risotto shot! one would assume it's lower carb....)

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                The basic shot at Blue Bottle is a double, so I don't find it tiny compared with a proper single-shot ristretto.

            2. New spot sounds fab (Sandbox croissants are my fave...):
              COLOSO COFFEE Uptown Oakland has a new, emphasis on little, caffeine spot called Coloso that’s serving Sightglass coffee. 7 x 7 reports that the owners are Renzo Gianella, Jose Posadas, and Maggie Servais and the San Francisco publication raves about the “French with a Japanese bent” pastries from Bernal Heights’ Sandbox Bakery, made fresh daily by “pastry goddess” Matsumi Takhara. “Her scones, croissants, and muffins are worth waking up for,” they write. Coloso Coffee is at 1715 Webster St. (between 18th and 19th streets).