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May 16, 2014 01:34 PM

How do you eat sushi with other people?

If you go out to sushi with other people, how do you order? Do you order only what you want to eat, and then eat only what you ordered? Or do you all agree on what to order and then share, a la family style?

Just asking out of curiousity as my friends and I always decide together what to order and share, but my coworker mentioned that she always orders a couple sushi rolls and some sashimi just for herself and doesn't share. She thought it was odd that we shared our sushi with each other.

Note -- I don't want to know what is traditionally done in Japan, how the custom of eating sushi originated, which restaurant will refuse to serve you if you order sushi for just yourself, etc. I just want to know what you actually do. :)

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  1. Generally we order larger platters and maybe a few specific bites and everyone shares. We try to make sure everyone gets to try everything, but if people have favourites they'll usually take more of that particular fish and if everyone likes one thing, that's something we order more of.

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      ditto! My son usually orders his own avocado rolls because he can polish off a single order by himself, but other than that we share.

    2. I order what I want to eat, although I rarely eat sushi with a group. Sushi may be the only type of food I prefer to eat alone, I get wonderfully lost in it with a box of premium sake and a good connection with my chef.

      1. Somebody should take the lead and say "tonight here is how we will order/eat" if some of the folks have a problem with that, hey, it was only one meal in your life, just don't repeat it...........

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          Typically I ask not tell "do you prefer to share rolls or order individually" I also make it known I have no preference.

        2. I only go out for sushi with family and we've always just decided what things we may all want and what things one or two of us want. So some items we all share and some we don't.

          1. Sushi's a food that's easy to share... if I was with a group I'd automatically go for 'family style' eating. But it's generally just DH and me, and DH doesn't really eat it (I've persuaded him that properly-treated fresh tuna is yummy but he's not interested in sushi rolls) , so we generally go to a buffet where I can have as much as I want and he doesn't have to eat it - he fills up on the cooked food and I eat my sushi in peace.