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May 16, 2014 12:29 PM

Bostonians stayting in Brooklyn, need advice

We will be staying in Brooklyn for a week and would like suggestions on what not to miss during our stay. We enjoy ethnic food like Indian, Thai, and Mexican. We would also like to find some really good bagels and lox. We were planning on heading down to Coney Island for a day but a friend told us not to waste our time? We are not looking for fancy but more for unique.

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  1. It would be very helpful if you could tell us what neighborhood and budget range you're looking for. Brooklyn is huge and runs the gamut price-wise.

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    1. re: snaporaz

      We are staying right by the Brooklyn bridge and prefer plates under $20.

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        Hill Country BBQ is right near where you are staying and across from that is the Shake Shack. These are not ethnic but in a pinch you might enjoy going for a lunch or a snack.

    2. Brighton Beach is an interesting neighborhood both from an eating and population diversity standpoint with Russian, Georgian and other food from the former soviet union and a lot of interesting stores (as well as the beach). Put Brighton Beach into the search upper right.

      Pok Pok NY is on the Red Hook waterfront close to downtown brooklyn - probably only well regarded thai in Brooklyn - you will have to stand in line to eat there. Do a search for "thai" if you prioritize eating thai over eating in the heighborhood.

      There are several good pizzerias in range of you, I like Juliana's down by the Brooklyn Bridge run by Mr. Patsy Grimaldi..

      Basically no really good indian in Brooklyn though there is a cluster of punjabi places on Coney Island Ave. You will probably have better luck in Manhattan for this.

      Interesting cluster of middle eastern stores and restaurants not far away from you on Atlantic. Sahadi for shopping and browsing, yemani place across the street for exotic flavors.

      Much further out in Red HookI like the Good Fork in Red Hook for an interesting remix of bistro foods with some korean flavors. Weve had several great brunches there, including bibim bap and a mexican dish (maybe huevos rancheros?) that was very good. Red Hook is an interesting neighborhood to walk around in, with Steve's Key Lime Pie, the central american food truck action at the soccer fields on weekends, a good bakery, Baked, and lots of remains from its former nautical and industrial history. Red Hook also contains one of the best sandwich places in the city - eat a warm roast beef-mozz and juice hero of good seeded bread with the firefighters. New places are springing up all the time.

      Second the recommendation of Hill Country BBQ. Not cheap, though.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        Would it be crazy to think that you could easily ride bicycles from the Brooklyn bridge to Coney Island? We are used to riding around Cambridge MA on bicycles without a problem.

        Last request would be for great Jamaican patties?

        1. re: drewinmrblhd

          It's not possible. As in, it's possible, but it's not easy, Coney Island is like as far away as possible from where you are at.

          I suggest biking to closer neighborhoods, to Red Hook, Park Slope, Sunset Park (Mexican and Chinese), Flatbush (some decent Jamaican places, not sure about patties though), etc.

          1. re: villainx

            Of course you can bicycle from Downtown Brooklyn - it will take a while but brooklyn is flat and there are bike paths available., including a nice run along the harbor and under the verrazano bridge, and a return up ocean parkway and through prospect park. My husband rides this route several times a summer. Coney is not the best food destination but you could easily visit Brighton Beach (near by) L&B or Totonnos pizzerias or any numbeer of other places as a detour or stop along the way.

          2. re: drewinmrblhd

            Google Maps estimates 1hr 10 minutes from Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island:

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            ps, recommended Sandwich place in RedHook is daFonte's. Some Hounds also like Lucali's pizza in Carroll Gardens.

            There are lots of bagels to be had in brooklyn but the old jewish appetizing culture is pretty much gone. You may want to consider some of the Manhattan options

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              I agree that there is no "really good" Indian in Brooklyn -- and by Indian I'm going loose, meaning Indo-Pak-Bangla-Sri Lankan -- but there is a Bengali / Bangladeshi cluster around the intersection of Church and MacDonald Avenues that has a couple of pretty good places. Ghoroa (formerly Jhinuk) could be worth a trip. It's loosely on par with other Bengali places in the five boroughs, such as Neerob in the Bronx and assorted ones in Jackson Heights.

              I wouldn't characterize Ghoroa as "don't miss," but it loosely meets the criteria of "good" and "Indian".

              Nearby also were, and probably still are, a couple of very good Mexican restaurants. Just walk toward Ocean Parkway. I'll leave this to others to confirm, because I haven't been to the area for a while.

              For general interest, it's worth noting that Russian, Polish and Yugoslavian delis operate in the area. There was one a while ago on Church toward Midwood that was straight-up Albanian.

              I don't know so much about bagels and lox, but if you want hardcore Jewish deli stuff, you can go north to Williamsburg and hit Gottlieb's Restaurant. I used to go years ago and arguably it had the best chopped liver in the city.

            2. Go to Sunset Park for Mexican. I suggest Tacos El Bronco

              1. From where you're staying (I'd guess the BB Marriott?) it's a very easy ride on the f train into the east village - zaab elee and somtum der both offer very good northern style Thai check out the manhattan board for more info. I like pok pok a good bit also but it's not exactly easy to get to despite being in the same boro.

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                1. re: tex.s.toast

                  huh? Its not that long a walk (or bikeride) from the Marriott, thorugh cobble hill or along the waterfront if the OP is interested in exploring on foot.MIght be a nice evening activity. If they are going to be in the LES I agree thats travelable too. I dont hold a brief for any of these restaurants.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    i guess i may have been overly harsh - google list a 22 minute walk from the BB marriott to Pok Pok and 15 mins via train to Zaab. if biking id guess that Pok Pok would be closer, but it is mostly a toss up - i meant mostly that before the OP went venturing deep into brooklyn (coney island/brighton beach/kensington) that they knew they were, relatively speaking, very close to some parts of manhattan that have good renditions of the foods they are seeking.

                2. Sanskriti is actually a decent Indian restaurant. They're located on 52 7th Avenue in Park Slope.

                  I second the walk down Brighton Beach. There's a Russian supermarket/steam-table place right on the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Brighton Beach Avenue. When on CIA wlak towards the beach and make a left - you'll see a ramp leading up. Traif heaven.