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May 16, 2014 11:06 AM


We have been very impressed with two tries at this Moroccan "souk-food" vendor at our local farmer's market. We have sampled three varieties of their staple msemen*, a sort of square-shaped griddled semolina flat bread folded over with fillings such as tomato confit, fresh cheese, greens; Meloui also offers sweet versions with honey, sugar. Also, they have a juicy braised lamb sandwich served on a demi-baguette with harissa and pickles. We look forward to trying the harira.

With Meloui's polished collection of flavors and clever signage/display techniques, I already fear it will follow the path of Kedai Mekan and Shophouse n/k/a Little Uncle, leaving behind the fickle weather and customer base in the farmer's market setting for fancier brick-and-mortar in a hip and lively 'hood Far, Far Away.

*According to Wolfert's "The Food of Morocco," msemen is a very thin (even translucent) pancake, within the broader class of breads known as rghaif. However other sources identify breads with an appearance very similar to those sold at Meloui as msemen.

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  1. When I was at the Columbia City farmers market last week it smelled exquisite, was in a hurry though and didn't get a chance to try it. Next time I'm gonna get the lamb sando, thanks for the heads up.

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      Lamb sandwich was good not great, I'd get it again though. Need to try some of their other offerings, as well as the other vendors. The Columbia City farmers market is getting a lot bigger, lots of food vendors, increasing number of booths etc.

    2. I'll have to go try. I've been trying to make msemen at home without much success.

      Just a filling-less plain one dipped with a touch of honey is flavorful enough for me.