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May 16, 2014 10:58 AM

Padma Lakshmi

Saw her at the Farmer's Market in Copley Square today, so I guess Top Chef filming is underway or else not too far away. She is really tall and really beautiful.

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  1. Oh, cool. The sightings begin!

    1. CRAP!

      I was going to hit it at lunchtime but got lazy!

      I wouldn't be surprised if the market was used in a challenge.

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        1. re: ac106

          Divorced from Rushdie & dating Richard Gere, no?

            1. re: ac106

              I'm glad nobody left that hanging for too long.

            1. re: treb

              I'm not sure what treb means,but I'd like to know what was available at the Copley market today.

              1. re: Madrid

                After Padma and I enjoy our weekend, I'll hit the CFM on Tuesday and tell you

                1. re: Madrid

                  Madrid, I just started a "Late May Farmers Market..." conversation here:


                  I posted what I bought at Copley this week. There was far more produce than in past years. The winter markets for farm goods is beginning to show at these early spring markets.


                  1. re: Madrid

                    It was very busy. I only got eggs, asparagus and cheese, as that is all I needed and my time was limited. Check the new discussion that BostonZest started.

                2. I know it's just part of the show's shtick, but the way she talks down to the contestants is really irritating. That said, this is pretty awesome.

                  1. I think I saw her tonight. A stunning woman walked by me near Symphony Hall with a little girl that fits the age. We were walking in opposite directions so I had no chance to looks for her signature scar to know it was her. Are they still filming?