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May 16, 2014 10:16 AM

What is current thought on Wolf & Lamb Brooklyn?

I need to have a semi-business dinner for 12 in Brooklyn? Have heard some good things about W & L but have never been. Location is right but would like some Chow opinions. Go for it, or are there better choices? Pardes is out, definitely not a small plate, sharing crowd.

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  1. Based on 2 visits within approximately this past year - but not very recent - I would say to go for it.

    1. Is the Brooklyn location any different from the 48th street one?

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        Haven't been to the Manhatan location in a long time, but unless it has substantially changed for the better, the Brooklyn venue is much nicer in every way.

      2. Go for it. They have really upped their game and the food is good, fun and exciting (and the new dessert chef looks like she is putting out really nice stuff)

        1. Great for a business dinner. There is a range of dishes, from super traditional classics like burgers and steaks to more creative specials, but not so many options that it brings down the quality. The prices aren't so bad that you feel awkward bringing people who don't keep kosher. The ambiance is much better than most kosher places that are either too casual and noisy or striving for elegance and missing the mark (which is somehow worse, in my opinion). You can request a table upstairs, which is generally quiet and good for groups.