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May 16, 2014 09:59 AM

Lox wings in Jersey ??

Years ago appetizing stores would get WHOLE sides of salmon...with the wings attached. We'd buy those "wings" and fry them, getting the skin crispy. WONDERFUL !!

I know Russ and Daughters still has them, but driving to Manhattan is a pain.

Does anyone know of a place in New Jersey that still offers where wings can be purchased?

Thank you.

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  1. wholefoods and costco both sell whole salmon. Wegmans might too. I know they sell whole fish so I would assume they get salmon sometimes. You can always ask the butcher to not fillet/steak a fish possibly.

    1. I bet Fairway will have them (or can get them)

      1. Perhaps I should have specified that the salmon was smoked.

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          I'd still call Fairway! They have a terrific selection of lox and they slice to order. I'm betting their fishmonger will be able to help!

          1. re: Curlz

            Thanks for trying, but....

            I called Fairway and they get their salmon in "trimmed".

        2. Your post brings back fond memories from my childhood, when my mother would get "fleagels" (aka lox wings) from the appetizing counter at Waldbaums Supermarket.
          I see lox wings on the wholesale price list of Rachel's Springfield Smoked Fish Company, although they are not listed on their retail menu. It may be worth a call.

          1. Rachel's would be perfect, but a bit too far away. I'm seriously thinking of driving into NYC with a friend or two and filling up a cooler.

            Growing up in Brooklyn, just about every appetizing store carried lox wings. Frying them in butter till the skin got crisp was indeed a treat.

            Now they're as rare as a fresh bialy.

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              I have to visit family in W Palm Beach for a good bialy!