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May 16, 2014 09:57 AM

[Fleetwood, Lancashire] Richardson's/Fish House

At the time of writing, the long established Fleetwood chippy, Richardson’s, is in the process of rebranding itself as the Fish House. It follows on from its recent success of winning the north west regional final of this year’s Fish & Chip Shop of the Year award. There’s competition in this immediate area with two previous regional winners coming from Thornton, just down the road. And Richardson’s are very worthy winners.

Haddock – generous portion, crisp batter, lovely flakes of tasty fish

Chips – perfectly fried

Peas – appropriately mushy

Tartare sauce – affectation which has no place on a northern plate

Bread – thick slice from a good bloomer. Perhaps a little too thick for the perfect chip butty but you play the cards you’re dealt.

Free soft drink – served ice cold with an ice cold glass

By the by, across the road is a really good fishmonger, selling a wide range of fresh and frozen (we came home with smoked haddock, halibut, hot smoked salmon, tuna, whelks and shrimps). Perhaps it's to be expected that there'd be good fish in the town that was once home to the north west's thriving trawler fleet. And it’s only a short amble to the Freeport Outlet mall where I got a pair of shoes and herself got shoes, frocks and other stuff. All in all, a good day out.

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  1. While you were there, a trip to the North Euston Hotel - a fine old railway building, in the style of the old Euston Station - would have been worthwhile. A friend of mine recommended the afternoon tea there.

    I think I've been to Richardson's - by the tram stop? And we bought lots of baby clothes at the Freeport.

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    1. re: Lord Brazing

      No. It's almost next to Freeport.

      As you come out of there and turn right, towards town, you come to a roundabout with the supermarket on the left. Richardsons is just past it on the left. Biggish place.

      Drove past the North Euston. As you say, a fine building. presumably originally a railway company hotel linked to the ferry to Ireland and the Isle of Man.

      The indoor market was a bit of a weird place. Now I know we have some odd markets in the north but this really must win some sort of prize. Just about every stall was selling knickers that only my late granny would have been seen dead in.

      1. re: Harters

        Harters, have you tried the chippy in Great Eccleston yet? Worth a journey if you haven't. I've been to all the chippy's in the area and Gt. Ecc is probably the best in my opinion, though Thornton Fisheries can give it a run for its money on its day. My mum lives in Poulton and I make a b-line for the F&C shops round there as they kick most, if not all London offerings, arse!

        The Cartford Inn is also worth visiting when in the area again. A good gastropub that's very pleasant inside, especially in winter when the fire is roaring.

        1. re: marcusj


          No. Hadnt heard of that one - but then the area isnt my home patch.

          Apart from Richardson's, the ones I know in the area are Thornton Fisheries and Seniors, also at Thornton. I've picked up all three from the Awards listings. Thornton's would win it between those three so your place at Gt Ecc must be a belter.

          I wonder if the excellence of the the chippies in the area is due to the proximity of Fleetwood and the availablity of the fish (although I know there's very little landed in comparision with the past)?

          1. re: Harters

            You're right, there are only two wholesalers working out of Fleetwood Docks these days, although all their produce comes from Hull on a 24 hour turnaround, ie day 1 land at Hull and shipped to Fleetwood, which is then filleted / mongered (for want of a better word) over night for dispatch in the early hours, arriving at destinations for the start of the business day.

            That being said, The Inn at Whitewell state they have a day boat supplier in Fleetwood so there could well be one or two lone fishermen still operating. It's a bit sad though. Shame that the whole fishing industry has basically disappeared from the Fylde.

            Do try Gt. Ecc, apparently they used to win awards all the time (before I discovered them), but stopped because they simply don't need the added business or recognition any more. It is phenomenally busy all the time and don't take bookings so avoid peak hours. We always get there for midday when the doors open.

            1. re: marcusj

              Saw a day boat going out when we were there, so presumably some fishing going on - although always possible that it was a touristy fishing trip boat.