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Mina Cucina Redux

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I was very surprised to have gotten a message that Mina, formerly from Mina’s Cucina Rustica in Springhouse, was serving a pasta dinner and asking, if interested, to call for reservations.

The dinner was being served in her store (Taste Of Italy) in Springhouse. The store already had tables and she has kept all of the crockery and glasswear and napkins from her days with the restaurant.

So, naturally I called and I did go last night. Apparently, she is accepting as many as twenty reservations for occasional dinners. Some of the dinners are pasta dinners while some are full - fledged dinners including fish and meat courses.

Last nights dinner was modest in both price and number of courses but not in quality or interest. The price was twenty dollars for:

An antipasto, for the table, consisting of slices of excellent soppressata, roasted red peppers and olives.

A mixed salad served individually with a vinaigrette dressing.

A large square platter served to each person that contained three very generous portions of different pastas and sauces.

One of the pastas was a mushroom pappardelle with Portobello mushroom sauce and I think I tasted a little truffle oil.

Another pasta was not cavatelli but kind of looked like it, the sauce was made with Mina’s fresh sausage (taken out of the casings), tomatoes and saffron.

The third pasta was cheese tortellini with the classic sauce of mushrooms, prosciutto, peas and cream.

For dessert she served a very small espresso cup of fresh berry sorbet that she told me she made in her blender.

This is a nice thing and for those of you who were fans of Mina’s restaurant I think that you would like it very much. As usual, the olive oil was excellent (Coluccio, I think) and the bread was killer.

It is kind of like going to someone’s house for dinner. Mina is a passionate cook and hostess. Service was done by Mina and Jackie (a very nice young woman that works with Mina in the store).

If anyone is interested in being notified of the next dinner you can call the store and have your email address added to the list of those wanting notification.

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    1. I didn't get an email for this week's dinner but there was one billed for the beginning of May, Thursday and Friday. I called to reserve for Thursday night since we couldn't go Friday. I was told they were canceling that night since I was the only one who called. Are they doing these more than once a month now?

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        I am not sure but I think that Mina said they are doing a full dinner once a month and a pasta dinner twice a month.

        It would be best to contact them to confirm if I have it correct.

      2. Thanks for posting. I will definitely be adding my e-mail to the list.