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Affordable and tasty restaurant by Lincoln center for a family?

I am looking for a place that is really tasty and affordable by the Lincoln center uptown Manhattan area for a group of 6? Looking for Italian, french, Latina/Spanish, Mediterranean etc.. Would be great if it is walking distance or even a short drive. We are going to see a show this Sunday and looking to get a reservation around 630pm. All help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Can you define what you mean by affordable?

    $30pp before tax, tip, wine/drinks? $20pp?

    Is your party six adults? Or do you have kids with you?

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      I think $35-40 pp before drinks/wine is about right. It is 6 adults and we are looking for dinner. Also looking for a place where portions are normal sized. Thanks for your help!

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        So no small plates then? If you change your mind, Andanda has some fans here.

        You're planning rather late in the game.

    2. It is not super-duper close -- probably a fifteen-minute walk -- but I think La Bonne Soupe at 55th would be perfect for what you want. A little further uptown, RedFarm might be good.

      If you venture onto 9th Avenue, there are a number of affordable ethnic options.

      The places right in Lincoln Center are a little pricier, in general.

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        Thank you for the suggestions, also when I meant affordable...I currently have a reservation for The Leopard at des Artistes which is BYOB on Sundays - so I thought we can save on alcohol this way. But the food there with app and entree is about $55-60 pp. I guess between $35-40 is probably what I am looking for.

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          If you booked your Leopard reservation through Savored.com you'll get 20% off.

          1. re: darren425

            I will be doing this. They offer BYOB on Sundays as well. Great deal! Thanks for the heads up!!

      2. Try Bello Giardino on W70th near Columbus. Good reliable Italian with sensible pricing and a garden out back that is perfect for 6 on a nice day

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            No reservations available on OpenTable as of right now.

          2. Pasha at 70 W. 71st...Turkish that is very convenient to Lincoln Center, very reasonable (including a pre-theater menu), and good food. Reservations a must.

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              Eh, Pasha is fine, but nothing great. I've been there a number of times because it's my vegetarian cousins' favorite restaurant.

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                Agree, Pan, not great, but I thought it filled the bill for tasty, affordable, and a short walk from Lincoln Center. It's not a destination place for me.

            2. Cafe Luxembourg is at 70th Street and suits what you're looking for.

              1. Noi Dui http://www.noiduecafe.com/ meets your price and has wonderful Italian food on 69th, steps from Lincoln Center. It doesn't take reservations, but you'll get a table by 6:30 if you arrive at 6 or 6:15

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                  I checked the website. Helpful to add that Noi Due is a kosher restaurant. Fish, vegetables, dairy. No meat.

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                    Mea culpa. It would keep an excellent meal within the $35 price range - appetizer, main, dessert. But I like fish and interesting vegetable dishes so much, that I sometimes forget what a meat-eating people we Americans are.

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                      Hey me too! But when one refers to a restaurant as "Italian," most people would expect some meat options on the menu.

                  2. One out-of-the-box idea would be to consider Salumeria Rosi, but only if everyone in your group likes the idea of an interesting and good salumi-based cuisine. It's not super-close to Lincoln Center, either. I'm also not positive if they have any tables that can seat 6 - it's not too large - so it would be worth asking, if you're interested.

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                    1. re: Pan

                      I don't think OP wants anything small plates based.
                      No reservations available at SR on OpenTable as of right now, anyway.

                      1. re: kathryn

                        I didn't find the plates there very small at all. Or, rather, some of them are, but there are main dishes, too, unless they've changed their concept or/and menu substantially.

                    2. How about Mercato? If that's too far south then how about Telepan?

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                        "I guess between $35-40 is probably what I am looking for." Aren't a lot of mains in the 30s at Telepan?

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                          That's true, and I was concerned about that as well, but OP has reservations at LdA, where the mains are in the low 40s, and the pastas in the mid to high 20s.

                          So who knows, just throwing it out there. Personally, for LdA type of money, I'd rather eat at Telepan. But that's just me, though.

                      2. I don't know how much Chowhound cred it has, but I like The Smith - right across from Lincoln Center, has plenty of options in your price range and the portions are generous.