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ARBYS rt9/rt70 Toms River Closed

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Stopped by the other night for a late nite Roast Beef sandwich & to my amazement it was gone.......no sign, inside was gutted and dark?
Wonder what going in that space next?

But in the same plaza "Sushi X" all you can eat was open....just sayin,..

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  1. A lot of them have closed in the last year, Lawrenceville/Rt. 1, Freehold Mall. Becoming as hard to find as Roy Rogers.

    1. A chicken place(like a chicken holiday) and I forget what else I was told

      1. The one on 66 in Neptune by the Jersey Shore outlets is alive and well if you are so inclined to take the drive.

        1. There is also one on Rt 9 S in Howell...~1 mi South of 195.