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May 16, 2014 05:39 AM

Potatoes Minneapolis

Was recently in Seattle and ate at Blueacre seafood where the menu featured a dish called Potatoes Minneapolis. I've lived in Minneapolis for a long time, have eaten at many restaurants and have never heard of this dish. What gives? (Note: Blueacre used to be called Oceanaire seafood. I wonder if that was somehow affiliated with our Oceanarie and spawned the reference to our alleged spuds?)

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  1. Did you ask them at Blueacre? It seems this dish or a variation of it is also served in Indianapolis.

    1. That's OK. In California, they have no idea what Minnesota's "California burger" is.

      On the other hand, they do have California rolls...

      1. To be true Potatoes Mineapolis, they should have big chunks missing from the surface and be covered in ice and road salt.

        But seriously, folks... I've lived here for decades, and even eaten at Oceanaire from time to time. I've never noticed Potatoes Minneapolis. In any case, they sound great - how could potatoes, butter, salt, and bacon be bad? I'd choose them over a Jucy Lucy any day.

        1. From the description, I know I've eaten that version of hard-crusted potatoes from a breakfast menu somewhere in the Twin Cities. They were listed as hash browns, no doubt about it.

          1. I think they are just the parasole hash brown method, i.e manny's and oceanaire.