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May 16, 2014 04:20 AM

We like Piperno. Where else?

We've been traveling 6 weeks and have 5 more days in Rome left of our three weeks here. Recently we have been mostly cooking in our lovely apartment with a full kitchen and Campo ingredients. But now we need new suggestions. We've eaten besides Piperno (our favorite for service, comfortable quiet and handmade pasta) at Constanza, Ditirambo, La Pace Del Palato. Gusto and Buffeto 2 for pizza, among some others that don't stand out. All good enough and suited us, but we want something different. Don't want formal dining (but spouse does wear a jacket). We like it when the service bends to our American pace. (I know "when in Rome...", but after almost 7 weeks!)

We would taxi or walk to a destination. No specialty fish restaurants. I would entertain (even welcome) a good ethnic restaurant with non-Roman food. Price only a variable at some starred high end place and that isn't what we are looking for.

Thanks much for any suggestions.

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  1. It sounds like you are staying in the Campo neighborhood? Based on the places you like, I'd suggest the following:
    Renato e Luisa
    Grappolo d'Oro Zampano
    Armando al Pantheon

    A bit further afield, but not too far:
    Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
    Trattoria Monti

    Doozo is Japanese, very low key not too exp.
    Sitar is Indian and our preferred for that
    Toros y Tapas good for Paella
    Mandaloun for middle eastern mezze

    These are all relatively central.
    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks. Renato and Luisa appealed but not open for lunch. Stumbled on Fortunata al Pantheon, reserved, and returned. Fit our needs well -good view of Pantheon (a plus), homemade pasta-pepe and Ceci for me and spouse had carbonara to start. (Both creamier than I prefer but good.) steak tartar to split -special enough, ok salad and only ok asparagus sides. Excellent personalized service. (85 euros which included an 8 euros split of Frascati chosen by the waiter). We were happy.

      1. re: elizabeth2929

        Its good to have the report. I dont think either pasta carbonara or cacio e pepe are made using cream in their home city, Rome. In the latter the creamy effect is usually caused by adding some pasta water, whick melts the pecorino. In the first, it would be an amalgam of the melted cheese and eggs. So I guess you are saying the dishes were too rich?

        Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

    2. Try Le Tre Zucche in Trastevere. We ate there last week and loved it. Traditional Roman cuisine, updated. We also like Tullio, just next to the Bernini Bristol hotel.

      1. I'm gearing up to write a report..but as I get into a Chowhound mood, I have to agree with you about my choice of "creamy" to describe the pasta at Fortunata al Pantheon. Never meant to say it had cream. "Rich" was a much better word.

        I am wondering about other variables. I am remembering the Carbonara as dried pasta. Is that likely? In broken Italian I asked if my fetticine in the the pepe and ceci was "handmade" and was told "of course". But it have been
        fresh machine made. What is more likely?

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        1. re: elizabeth2929

          What is most likely is that you had spaghetti alla carbonara, that is, dry, factory-made pasta, and tonnarelli cacio e pepe. Fettuccine would be unusual but not outrageous or anything. If they were homemade, they could have been made by hand, but I think it more likely they were fresh but machine made. BTW the restaurant is Fortunato, not Fortunata. There is a trattoria called Fortunata, where pasta is made on the premises, but I'm sure you went to Fortunato al Pantheon.

          1. re: mbfant

            Like Maureen says - menu says they offer spaghetti alla cabonara and tonnarelli cacio e pepe.

            Tonarelli is a fresh pasta - its thicker and narrower cut than fettucine - similar to a square spaghetti - and often quite yellow from the eggs.