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Fresh Market opening in Livingston

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I just saw some construction going on at the old Pathmark location in Livingston, on Eisenhower Parkway. There was a "coming soon" sign for something called The Fresh Market. From the website this looks to be a higher end supermarket like Whole Foods. Does anyone know anything about this chain?

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  1. In Clark, Fresh Market appears to be a slightly fancy A&P.

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      According to the company's website, there's no Fresh Market location in Clark.


    2. Yes! Years ago on vacation in Virginia went to one. We bought delicious prepared foods and really great food. I was quite impressed!

      1. It's definitely NOT an A&P store...the website www.thefreshmarket.com
        shows jobs in Livingston and a location in Bedminster.

        All the more interesting bc I just noticed a sign (now down) for World Market at the old Linens 'n Things on Rt 10--also Livingston, I think.

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          Seems there is a lot going on in the neighborhood, I just noticed that just down the street (rt 10) in the Pine Plaza in Whippany there is a new market, FarmTastic, where the old Super Foodtown was located. I did not get a chance to really look around, I was just needing to stop to get a quick bite to eat while running errands, and was craving some fruit, instead of fast food. Fruit section looked fine, and prices seemed reasonable.

        2. The Bedminster store I don't think is too far from Livingston if you want to check it out. The concept is a "neighborhood" Whole Foods.