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May 15, 2014 09:23 PM

Finding Semolina(ground), and other Middle Eastern ingredients in Portland?

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for Semolina, I am in SE and can't find anything in Portland. Does anyone have any suggestions?
So far what I've found is tiny convenience stores which carry one of a product at an inflated price, or not at all! Or an esoteric perfect store that is way too far, like SW Portland, Beaverton, WA, etc.

In general, I feel it's really impossible to find anything, M. Eastern here. (Middle Eastern yogurts, semolina, tahini, rose/blossom water...) & I'm really losing hope.

I live closer to Clackamas than N Portland so if you know anything in that area it would be amazing! I don't mind any place that's accessible though, as long as it's got what I'm lookin' for!


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  1. I think you will get more responses if you repost this in the Portland Board.

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      I thought that was only for restaurants? It seems to be totally centered on eating out, not finding ingredients. Can you point me to the board you mean?

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        This post has already been moved to the Portland board. You might try ordering semolina online, but that doesn't help with perishables like yogurt. There is always r/Portland on Reddit.

    2. Semolina is middle eastern? Bob's red mill makes it, available anywhere, don't they have an outlet next to daves killer bread? Tahini is at any grocery. Lior brand at Amazon is very reasonable if you are willing to get 4 jars and check out the subscribe and save program.

      1. Try World Foods. they have a store in the Pearl and a store on Barbur.

        1. I know that Winco (yes, Winco) carries semolina flour in their bulk bins (along with organic quinoa and lots of other products cheaper there than anywhere else ;o). It might actually be Bob's Red Mill semolina.

          Barbur World Foods is a great store (in SW) but I have not been to their new outpost in the Pearl. They will certainly have lots of Middle Eastern Products for you. Their produce section is great as is their deli counter.

          Another spot is next door to Ya Hala, their International Market (on SE Stark near 80th) has a lot of Middle Eastern ingredients.

          Anoush Deli and Market (on NE 122nd, just north of Halsey) has a good selection of ME ingredients/products and good prepared foods...and it is in a shopping center with a Winco! (bonus)

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            Having made my own pasta a bunch of times, I can confirm that Winco carries semolina -- but it's not the same as Bob's Red Mill. Winco's was slightly more finely ground, easier to work, and made a silkier pasta. I love lots of Bob's products, and do sometimes use their semolina, but prefer what's carried at Winco, for my pasta needs.

          2. Semolina flour isn't the same, that's an Italian flour which contains Semolina and would taste icky if put in Lebanese desserts. But I'm rolling in the Semolina now y'alllll thanks. :)