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Trip Report

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Hi all,
I'm a Boston-based 'hound and just returned from a delightful 4-day trip to your city - I used this board for inspiration and really enjoyed my visit. I was extremely impressed by all there was to see and do, and by the warmth of the locals. A kind stranger offered help *every* time I unfolded my map!

Here's what I ate (almost all driven by CH recs):
- Arrival lunch at RTM: diNic's sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe. The next day, we had an apple dumpling at the Dutch Eating Place which we found disappointing - it was reheated in the microwave, and was soggy.
- AMAZING dinner at Cheu Noodle Bar. Really exceptional food, though very very loud. They cook everything to order, and will accommodate special requests (I had the ramen/brisket with matzoballs, and subbed greens for the brisket).
- Lunch at Jones (http://www.jones-restaurant.com/). My mom had an awesome Reuben sandwich, I had the haloumi melt. Delicious. The dessert (banana bread pudding) was perfect, and not overly sweet.
- Dinner at Caribou Cafe near the Walnut Theatre. Tasty though unremarkable.
- Lunch at Pizzeria Vetri (near the Barnes): excellent pizza and salad.
- Spectacular dinner at Lolita's (http://lolitaphilly.com/) - the garden nachos were exquisite, as was the tres leches cake. We enjoyed every bite of the refined yet creative meal.

Thanks to your whole city for showing us such a great time!

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  1. The haloumi melt is out of this world! Haloumi is the new kale.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! thanks for the report.