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May 15, 2014 05:26 PM

Older Weber Genesis Silver B

I had posted a while back about buying a gasser...long story short I didn't. Still have my kettle and I use most weekends, love it. For weeknights though I want a gas grill. Was looking at the new Webers, I'm in the Spirit range financially...and they don't seem like the best quality anymore...If anyone remembers from my original post I've been through 3 CharBroils in the same time I've had my kettle. Is the Weber in the same catagory now? My question is........I've come across an older Weber Genesis Silver B on craigslist....new on it are SS burners, cast iron grates, flavor bars...plus cover and two tanks full....it looks brand new...and asking $350. From what I've read it must be a 2000-2003 grill....seems kinda steep...but like I said it looks brand new and all the essentials are replaced.....What say you? Good deal or keep looking? sorry for the long post

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  1. The Genesis Silver grills can be more or less rebuilt, ie new as described above, quite easily and will last a very very long time. I had mine for close to 20 years and replaced the same items, finally the frame rusted and the parts were no longer available, so I had to dump it, but I salvaged all the newer parts and gave them to my son-in-law for his Genesis Silver grill, which is now probably 12 years old. Most of that grill will hold up for a very long time. Given the current price, $350 isn't bad for a looks like new grill with new parts.