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May 15, 2014 05:09 PM

How to make vinegar?

I opened a bottle of red wine vinegar which I had originally opened within the last 2 months. It was very cloudy and had a large glob of a red wine substance. Ah - a mother of vinegar? I drained most of the contents of the original bottle through a fine strainer into another bottle. The red glob was left in the bottle. I grabbed a open bottle of wine that had been sitting there for a week and poured it onto the glob, recorked it and put it in a dark spot. That was about a month ago. I haven't tried either the strained vinegar or the red wine/ glob combo. What do I have? Any ideas?

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  1. Was it raw red wine vinegar? Maybe you could call company and see what they say. Keep us posted.

    1. Was the glob gelatinous? If so, yes, that is vinegar mother.

      To make vinegar the wine/mother has to be open to air. It need oxygen to grow. Put in a wide mouth jar and cover with a bandana or cheesecloth held on with a rubber band.

      If you do a search, not sure if here in General Topics, or in Home Cooking, there are some good threads on vinegar making.

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        yes, it was gelatinous. Thanks for the response.

      2. Interesting! I think I've seen these and tossed them before! I never knew!

        1. oh, i was hoping to find out what happened!