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May 15, 2014 04:07 PM

Mortadella - best sliced by lb or sandwich?

Looking for a good lunch option in and around greater SEA. Mortadella was never my thing until my mind got blown by "the Sandwich" in Los Angeles at Roma Deli. Just meat, bread, cheese, oil. Perfection. NOT looking for a sit down restaurant. Thank you.

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  1. People speak highly of the "morty" sandwich at Rain Shadow Meats. I have not had it, but have very much liked several other sandwiches I've tried there. I think you can get this by the pound there.

    My family regularly buys sliced Persian-style mortadella from Persepolis in Bellevue. It is halal (no pork) so a different style, but quite delicious, especially when folded inside some lavash with tomatoes, pickles, tarragon or other fresh herbs, and feta cheese.

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      Thank you for the suggestion! I've read about RainShadow on these boards, but haven't made it there yet. Or Tat's. Also on my list.

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        Just looked at their menu online. Expensive! Their avg price is 3-4 dollars over what Salumi charges. Of course at Salumi you have to pay extra for cheese. But still. I just got a meatball and cheese for less than $10, and Rainshadow most of the stuff is $12ish per...

      2. IMO, Dot's has the best mortadella in town, with Rainshadow a close second

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          They don't have it on their online menu which looks like sit down service. Is there a separate menu for takeaway?

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            I had some at the Italian market near pikes place, DeLaurentis? I had high hopes but it was not great.

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              They've changed formats recently, so sandwich memories of Dot's Deli may or may not be able to be recreated. There are sandwiches on the lunch menu, and they post their specials on facebook. I have not been since they flipped from Deli to Bistrot, but I used to get the *fancy* dinner specials occasionally when I lived near there and was never disappointed. Been meaning to go back, I miss their steak tartare.

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                Sounds like they might not have the mortadella sandwich people love(d) so much. If anyone reading this thread has been to Dot's recently and they still have it, please let us know on the thread. Thank you.

          2. Rain Shadow is worth checking out, the sandwiches are a good value after you factor in quality, I like Salumi too.

            Rain Shadow has a somewhat unique mortadella, it's sorta airy, and has a little different texture than most. I like it, but it's not your typical mortadella, never had it on one of their sandwiches though since I mostly go to the Capitol Hill location. I'm a fan of Dots too, have yet to try the mortadella though.

            For what it's worth, when Bar Del Corso has mortadella on the menu it is probably the best you can get anywhere, but it's a sit down restaurant, not a deli or counter.