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May 15, 2014 03:46 PM

Which wine tasting room in Temecula has the best red wine?

We are going to Temecula for the 1st time wine tasting and are in need of suggestions for who has the best Reds.

We are originally from the Bay Area and have found many great wines from off the beaten path in Healdsburg and Lodi. We would like to find some hidden gems down south.

From the reviews that I have read so far Gershon, Footprinte and Hart are of interest.

We will have a group of 15. Where should we go?

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  1. Check out Doffo for reds in Temecula. Good but, expensive. Call ahead for 15.

    1. My favorite in Temecula was Gershon-Bacchus Vinters, but I think they're open sporadically and require an appointment.

      1. I'll caveat this by saying that I don't recall ever having my mind blown by great wine in Temecula. Last time I was out there, I really enjoyed Hart. It's (or was) one of the few "old school" tasting rooms left out there. No frills, but some really good wine.

        1. We've lived in the area for about five years and are very much into red (heavy) wines. Our two favorite are Doffo and Wiens.

          You may also want to check out the Yelp reviews - some of them are quite good.

          1. Try Hart Family Winery. Joe Hart is a pioneer in the Temecula Wine Country.

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              +1s for Doffo, Wiens, and Hart. Also try Palumbo. Father South, in Escondido, Orfila is pretty good too. Just keep your hopes for Napa/Sonoma/Central Coast quality in check.