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May 15, 2014 02:37 PM

Lunch near Westside Theater

A friend and I are going to a Wed. matinee at the Westside Theater, 43 St. between 8 & 9 Ave. Looking for a not expensive lunch (around $20. p.p. without drinks or tax) around there. We like Middle Eastern food, Chinese, Greek and Turkish, Indian, Italian, and American. Any suggestions?

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  1. Middle Eastern: Gazala's Place
    Italian: Mercato
    Chinese: Szechuan Gourmet (39 or 46 whichever is closer to you)
    Greek: Uncle Nick's
    American: The Marshal
    Indian: Basera
    Turkish: Hanci

    Bonus: Gotham West Market

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        Hanci is all the way up at 56th/57th Streets

        Check out —

        Shake Shack - 8th Ave & 44th St.

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          Dafni is better Greek food, though Uncle Nick's is cheaper. Gazala's Place may be difficult in that budget.

        2. Try Ollie's on west 42nd for Szechuan dishes and Dafni for Greek food.

          1. Gazala's not difficult at all. They have terrific lunch specials for $12. Bourekas w/Hummus, Chicken, lamb, etc

            Hanci is a nice 10-15 min walk (which I take daily to digest lunch) so ye a bit further than the rest. Good lunch specials here as well. Another good alternative much closer is Turco for the doner kebabs

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              I guess I haven't been to Gazala's for lunch (or at least not recently at all), so it didn't occur to me that they had inexpensive lunch specials. Not a good reason for my having suggested otherwise, though.

            2. Akdeniz at 19 West 46th, is a reasonably priced, very good little Turkish place within a fairly short walk of the theater.