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Odd Question of the Day

I am hoping this question will not be removed.
Does anyone know of a site with a similar format to Chowhond related to Travel? I am planning a trip to The Amalfi Coast and would love to find a site where I can ask a few questions on hotels, restaurants etc.

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    1. TripAdvisor hosts a pretty extensive forum. There are probably others, but this is the most robust one that springs to mind.

      1. Ask restaurant questions here!

            1. www.fodors.com/community
              Their forums contain questions that are asked over and over again, a core group of people that bawls the questioners out for it, longtime posters who find themselves extremely amusing, and know-it-alls who reply to every question whether or not they know the answer. It's just like Chowhound without the food.

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                Thank You everyone. Much appreciated!

              2. Your question is not odd.

                I am currently in Italy (just left the Amalfi Coast) and would recommend that for food and restaurant questions that you go to the Chowhound Italy board and either search for Amalfi (or the city in Amalfi that you will be in) or just ask a direct question.

                Trip Advisor can be iffy in its usefulness. We've gone to places that were highly praised there and found them less than satisfactory and loved places that were barely mentioned. Surprisingly Yelp has led to some interesting options.

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                  Thank You SO much Chicgail. I will absolutely check Chowhound for restaurants but am now concentrating on hotels. Did you have any favorite hotels or areas of the Amalfi Coast/ Capri?

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                    For lodging (hotels and B&Bs), I find that TripAdvisor is useful, provided that you read it with care -- e.g., beware of laudatory (or negative) reviews from users for whom this is their only post. Be even more wary of hotels where most of the laudatory reviews are by reviewers for whom this is their only post. We've stayed at lovely b&bs and hotels over the years in both the US and overseas for which TA was our main source of information.

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                      Capri is an uber-rich playground. Lots of streets of very upscale restaurants and shops. It is easy to spend upwards of $800/night for a hotel room.We weren't looking for that kind of vaca. We stayed at a resort called the Weber Ambassador for about $130/night. Our room literally faced a wall. For more $$ you get an actual view. The food in the hotel was terrible.

                      We did find a wonderful restaurant in town called L'Amore. Great food and wine. Exceptional, friendly service.

                      In Amalfi, we stayed in Praiano, which is beautiful, but relatively quiet. Our hotel, Il Pino, also had a very good restaurant with a nice view that I would recommend. Another CH highly recommended a restaurant on a beach in Praiano, called Da Armandino that we found rather ordinary. Another place a ilttle up the way (I mean literally up) called La Pirata (The Pirate) was much better.

                      Next time, I would consider staying in either Positano or Sorrento on Amalfi. More action and more choices.