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May 15, 2014 12:41 PM

Restaurants good for celiac

Recently diagnosed with celiac. Still have some tests to do, but it's certain I must stay away from gluten at least until I figure out the severity of it.
My brother has celiac, so he (his wife !!) can point me in the right direction for recipes and tips. However they do not eat out as much as myself.
Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican and sushi (w/o sauce) will be easy enough. Chinese not so much :(
While many establishments do offer G free options, they are usually sparse and more often than not just a salad.
Does anyone know of any restaurants that's do an above average job of catering to wheat / gluten allergies ?
I am getting a list together of different options.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, jmil! I have three close friends who have to go gluten free for various reasons. Thai seems to be a decent bet for gluten free but there's still soy lurking in the kitchen so not sure how sensitive you are to it.

    I like this website, run by two Vancouver sisters who are celiac:

    1. I have a friend with Celiac's who loves Baru Latino so you might want to check that out.

      1. Hi jmil,
        We are a celiac household and we have found it is most enjoyable to stick with cuisines that are "naturally" gluten free like Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese (sushi). There is still a fair selection of dim sum items that seem to be acceptable for our celiac.

        In our experience we find that restaurants that offer "options" always try to make something that has no business being gluten free, gluten-free. I'd rather have a good experience eating a bowl of pho, or madras on rice, than a blah experience with a burger on a dry dense gluten free bun. YKWIM?

        Also keep in mind that restaurants that offer GF options tend to cater to the folks that choose to be gluten free and don't necessarily have to be gluten free. This is a ripe set up for cross contamination. Something to keep in mind if your case is severe.

        However...Speaking about buns and breads...the tastiest bakery I've sampled so far has been Lemonade Bakery on Cambie and 18th. It is a dedicated GF bakery, so cross contamination issues are negligible. Some people clutch their pearls at the prices, but really it's only a buck or so more than your typical artisan bread.

        I initially found the bakery on the same list grayelf posted.

        Hope this helps!

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        1. re: Burma VonFurston

          I am not Gluten free at all but I love Lemonade Bakery, their Lemon Meringue Pie (tarts) are fantastic and a GF of mine did stuffing with sourdough bread from there this last Thanksgiving and I couldn't tell the difference at all.

        2. I'm neither vegetarian nor in need of GF but I've enjoyed the food at Graze on Fraser.

          1. I recently went to Chau VeggieExpress on Victoria Drive and everything on their menu is either GF or has a GF option. I was especially impressed by the flavour of their "#16 Diving for Pearls" soup noodle. Pics here:


            Their attached cafe even has GF baked goods.

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            1. re: dennisthefoodie

              Oh, yes. I 2nd the Chau rec. Their broths have amazing depth of flavour.

              The little cafe next door has a green tea I really love - fresh leaves that can be eaten after the tea is drunk. Bright flavour.