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May 15, 2014 12:03 PM

Fun dinner in New Hope

I'm meeting a friend in New Hope for a girls night out dinner. We're looking for something with a good atmosphere, maybe by the water or able to sit outside. Flexible with type of food. Good drinks are a must. Dinner will be on Sunday night if that makes a difference

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  1. I am liking Triumph Breweries new menu these days. They have a full bar, and you can sit outside on their patio. Parking is right there (you have to pay). They also have music/entertainment there often.

    1. Pride Week in New Hope runs through this Sunday (5/18) so expect places to be a bit more crowded than usual.

      I'd 2nd the recommendation for Triumph - right on the water, good beer, good food and convenient parking. We frequent the Princeton location but like the New Hope location a little bit more.

      1. The Landing is on the River and had decent food/drink. I also will second the vote for Triumph as well. Or in Lambertville, The Station, Hamilton Grille Room, Inn of the Hawke or Anton's.