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May 15, 2014 09:05 AM

Any info on the Crawfish Shack located at Southpark Meadows? I am not sure I trust the yelp reviews...

Any info on the Crawfish Shack located at Southpark Meadows? I am not sure I trust the yelp reviews..

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  1. It is good. I have been twice. Crawfish is a bit more pricy this year due to weather/tide so this is one of the few places that it is available.

    The crawfish is boiled in a somewhat oily broth here though so some might not like it as much but I find it fairly fragrant.

    I believe the owners used to own the crawfish/pho place on parmer and mcneil but I am not sure.

    The only 2 places I seem to be able to find crawfish are here and Deckhand off 45.

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    1. re: lixlix

      I saw a sign for crawfish at Joe's Crab Shack on Riverside. I've never been to a Joe's.

      Does anyone know the price per lb at either the Crawfish Shack or Joe's? And does the Crawfish Shack have a more typical cajun style, or a Viet style?

      1. re: rudeboy

        Rudeboy, I would not trust Joe's for much, especially crawfish unless desperately desperate. Having said that, I took the wifeacita there on our first date for Alaskan king crab, hard to screw that up, it was delicious. Lixlix, tides have nothing to do with crawfish, the problem has been lingering cold, late winter.

        1. re: James Cristinian

          Hi James, you are right. I probably mixed up the effects on crawfish with the effects on oysters.

          Last I remember, I believe the crawfish shack prices were $8 or $9 a pound.

          1. re: lixlix

            Ouch! I will not pay that. Tides have effects on oysters and the big one is too much fresh water or not enough. Back when it used to rain in Texas, floods could shut down Galveston Bay for weeks. Hurricane Ike pretty much shut it down in 2008 with 15-20 foot storm surge.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              Too much for me this year. I hope that price per pound isn't permanently this high. It would be a $100 dinner for us.

              1. re: rudeboy

                I am afraid it might be. It's the trendy thing and the price goes up every year. I live in Houston and it's crazy here, people will pay anything, although it's down to $6-7 a pound, still really high. HEB Bunker Hill has been boiling them at $6 dollars and we've bought them a couple of times and brought them home, no tax, tips, plus cheap drinks at my place. They sell in the sack 2.50. They say, whoever they are, that Houston consumes more crawfish than the state of Louisiana. You might get an argument from them but there are 2 million more people in this area than there is in LA.

                1. re: James Cristinian

                  I'm from Orange, I remember them at 39 cents per pound live in the 80s. My dad worked as a chemical analyst at DuPont, and they had some project to develop some sort of artificial bait.

                  We have been getting live for the last several years at best at 3 bucks a pound. I need to check the price at Fiesta now, as I want to do that viet boil that I mentioned in another thread.

      2. re: lixlix

        I bought some at Stuffed on Brodie Lane. They were great but also $7.99 a pound so I didn't order as much as I could really eat. Had to supplement with some etouffee.