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May 14, 2014 11:22 PM

P Terry's

There's going to be a new P Terry's on Burnet across from Waterloo. We can use some more burger restaurants on Burger Boulevard.

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  1. In addition to the one just opened on Research Blvd. I tried it. Ain't no In N Out which by the way ain't that great either.

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    1. re: ericthered

      Damn, the in N out on Airport is always packed. I'd like to try it, but the line of cars is just way too long, always.

      1. re: TroyTempest

        That line actually moves pretty fast. I would say it's comparable to a standard Whataburger line. When I've been, they have people outside taking orders, and they seem to have things down to a science. For a fast food burger, it's pretty good.

        1. re: Rice Checks

          I was working right there for a while, so I went to In n Out quite a few times. I found the best thing to do is just park and order inside, even if you're taking it to go. Long ass drive thru lines like that make me lose my mind...

          And I agree with Rptrane below... for fast food, it's pretty damn good. Should also add that I like P.Terry's as well – excellent veggie burger, better fries than In n Out.

      2. re: ericthered

        Disagree. It's fast food not knife and for quality but way better than McDonald's or Burger King .

        1. re: Rptrane

          I like the In n Out burger - just wish they had cheddar.

          Burger King''s fries just changed for the better, btw. I like the Whopper Jr for a snack if the particular BK has the proper flame broiler. But I'm WT and can handle trashy food. We will see how my heart holds out!

      3. the fries at both places are pretty lousy. but i'll hit'em up for a double cheese burger when its convenient. both places are faster when you walk in.

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        1. re: ieathereforeiam

          the fries aren't the greatest, but i can only eat them at places that don't use the fryer for breaded stuff :-(

          the burgers are tasty and a good value, though.
          i get mine wrapped in lettuce.
          it's super messy but delicious.

          1. re: ieathereforeiam

            I like P. Terry's fries. They are real potatoes at least, not frozen. Not always super crispy, but ...

            1. re: TroyTempest

              I love P Terry's fries, very addicting...

              1. re: TroyTempest

                yeah i think they're solid fast food style.

            2. rudeboy,

              For fast food burgers, I like Elevation Burger's cheeseburger with
              - balsamic mustard
              - carmelized onions
              - hot pepper relish
              - lettuce, tomatoes

              lots better than P.Terry's. Given the calorie budget constraints, I quickly eliminate burgers that aren't really delicious. So P.Terry's is off the list.

              Elevation Burger is tied with Smashburger's burger for being my favorite fast food burger now. I just tried Smashburger because of a (now expired) coupon found on Fatwallet, and really enjoyed it. Kind of like an upscale Steak and Shake.

              I had the truffle mushroom swiss burger with the rosemary seasoned skinny fries. Both the fries and burger were delicious.

              I went to the Smashburger in same parking lot as the HEB Plus in Cedar Park, but they also have a location near Mueller according to their website.
              1200 Barbara Jordan, Suite 380
              Austin, TX 78723
              Phone: 512-872-2926
              Hours: 10AM-10PM Daily

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              1. re: sweet100s

                Agree re Elevation and Smashburger. My biggest complaint abt Smashburger are the fries--not fresh as far as I can tell. They're pretty good for frozen, but can't compare to Elevation's. And also have been enjoying Mighty Fine a lot lately. Their fries are great, their onion rings great, and burgers are good enough. They also offer grilled onions at no upcharge.