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May 14, 2014 10:15 PM

St. Paul Sandwich(Egg Fu Yung Sandwich)

Has anyone seen a St. Paul Sandwich being served anywhere in the Twin Cities? It sounds like it is a sandwich made with an egg fu yung patty as the filling with mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickle. It is the state sandwich of Missouri and unknown why it is called the St. Paul.

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  1. don't feel bad, as we in Missouri don't know why in the world it's called that either - has nothing to do with your fine city. (and I wouldn't call it the state sandwich, just a dirty little late-night drunken secret, like so many others).

    the make-up is as you describe, except the final composition is usually also deep-fried as a whole.

    sorry I have no source tips for you as I haven't been to MSP in 10 years, but down here in the motherland of such delights, one's best bet is to look for scroungy all-night Chinese t/o places that serve from behind bulletproof glass.

    1. It is a regional American-Chinese dish - like the Chow Mien Sandwich found in New England. It seems possible the sandwich was invented in St. Louis and named after the hometown of it's creator. Might be easier to make at home.


      Available outside of Missouri?

      More from David Chan (Chandavkl on CH):

      1. Supposedly it's called St. Paul Sandwich because the originator lived in St. Paul before moving to St. Louis.

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          that's the only explanation that could possibly make sense.